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Post by Mark

Aramex Shop & Ship just launched a new service called Flex in which you pay for your shipments per 100 grams instead of the standard per 500 grams. Usually if you get a package that weighs 300 grams, Aramex would charge you as if it was 500, if your shipment weighed 600 grams then you would get charged for a kilo. By paying per 100 grams instead of 500, you should be able to save on shipping costs.

It would have been a game changer in the US mailbox forwarding market if it wasn’t for the fact that to be eligible for the new pricing structure, you need to pay Aramex KD35 a year. So whatever savings you would accumulate with the Flex pricing structure, you’d most likely end up losing it all with the Flex yearly fee. Not very practical unless you order a lot of items online. If you’re interested to find out more, click [Here]

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  1. Jassem says:

    I forgot about Aramex since 2015 .. they are expensive and there are competitors and many sites started shipping to Kuwait directly .. so unless they go back to the pre oil price increase rate (which was their excuse to raise the prices and they didn’t reduce their rates despite the decrease in oil prices)and take off the customs clearing 1 K.D they are useless to me

  2. Sauce says:

    whats the alternative? i order at 10-15 packages a month and i pay an arm and a leg with aramex’s shop & ship. what does one do to minimize these costs?

  3. Bilal says:

    I ordered the new Apple watch through Apple UAE website, they received the package yesterday but till now they didn’t update my box! The service is very slow and they have terrible customer service.

    • Mark says:

      Well they just got your package yesterday so give them at least 24 hours. I’m sure your package isn’t the only one and it might have arrived end of day and they’re spending this morning sorting all the packages out

      • Bilal says:

        They received it morning time. 72 Hours have passed and no update yet! I don’t have an alternative in UAE otherwise I’ll not ship with them. They should allow us to pay extra fees on the package and ship it faster than usually do, paying 119$ is useless if they will not give flex members priority for shipping the packages.

  4. cajie says:

    Amazon has expanded their international delivery with a lot more products now. I generally find many of the products that I want available for international shipping, and it works cheaper and faster than shop and ship. They even calculate the import duties up front, and if the import duty was not paid (as happens in many cases), I get the refund back in my account.
    Plus it is delivered right at my doorstep.

    • Kuwait says:

      Doorstep in Kuwait? What shipping do most of those amazon packages have? And how long does it take?

    • cajie says:

      It’s always been Aramex in my case.

    • Nasmo says:

      AMAZON UK is the way to go now.

      Sterling pound is 33% cheaper than one year ago.

      Amazon UK will remove 20% VAT and will charge you for international shipping and suprisingly it turns out cheaper than buying it in the UK!!!!

      Takes 3 days to arrive to my door step by UPS!!

      Otherwise just use postaplus, better than garbage aramex and the jordanian mafia running it! I wonder why aramex S&S isnt out of business by now

  5. Mu says:


    Is there any company that is willing to ship heavy things through the sea, but at much cheaper rate?

  6. Dalsahhaf says:

    Hey Mark,
    I’ve recently used amazon and I was told the delivery would take 5-7 days from California to Kuwait, it reached my doorstep within 3 days, and all expenses were paid when the purchase was made. PostaPlus I’ve tried several times but the tracking system is way off. My all time fav mail forwarding is MYUS.COM they even have a personal shopper service for sites that don’t accept Kuwaiti cards, as well as the tax exempt. Oh, and I just don’t like Aramex many bad experiences before. FEDEX account I only use when the shipper wants you to pay for the shipping and they are overpriced. I ordered shoes and to be shipped directly with FEDEX priority it was gonna charge approx. $300 shipped it locally to MyUs account and consilidated 2 packages and had them sent to Kuwait via FedEx for $31 and 6kd in Kuwait.
    The only issue with MYUS is they only give you a US address but heeeey it’s totally worth it!

  7. Nasmo says:

    I dont understand, Why is aramex still around when we have postaplus delivering my packages in half the time for half the price? posta is still unbeaten in price and quality. I lost 3 shipments with aramex out of 44 and I have more than 200 with posta and I’ve yet to have one shipment lost or damaged.

  8. Nay says:

    Don’t bother with Aramex. They stole my package and wrote it off for me to bother with the company who shipped it to them. I can give you more details if interested but I wouldn’t bother with them.

  9. fahad says:

    im planning on pre-ordering Iphone X and ship it to kuwait. whats my best option ?

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