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I recently placed my first order from TEMU, the online Chinese marketplace which you probably heard about through your Tiktok feed. Surprisingly, my experience was great.

I was looking for a cover for my bicycle since I have my bike wall mounted and I recently repainted and didn’t want to get the wall dirty again. I ended up finding it for really cheap on TEMU and decided to order it. Here’s everything you need to know about ordering from TEMU:

  • The bicycle cover cost 2.970KD but when I tried to check out it wouldn’t let me. TEMU offers free shipping to Kuwait, but you need to have an order of at least 13KD to qualify

  • If you have an order less than 14KD, you can’t place an order, even if you want to pay for shipping, it’s not an option

  • If the item you’re ordering is discounted and the new price is under 14KD, if the original price is over 14KD you get free shipping

  • Finding at least 14KD worth of items you didn’t know you wanted is easy on TEMU

  • I placed the order on January 25th and was given a delivery date between January 31st and February 8th

  • On February 8th, I got a WhatsApp from a delivery company in Kuwait asking for my Google Maps location, the next day my package was delivered to my doorstep

  • I ordered 15 items from different vendors, TEMU packaged them together and sent them to me in one bag

  • I didn’t pay any customs fee, all taxes are included in the items prices

  • Because the items were delivered one day later than promised, I got a credit of 1.250KD

So that’s basically it. The biggest surprise was the home delivery since I wasn’t expecting that, I thought I’d have to pick it up from the post office which I’m never looking forward to doing.

My order arrived with none of the items missing, and no disappointments. My bicycle cover was perfect, but so were all the other random things I ordered. I’m overall very impressed and would definitely recommend ordering from them.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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There has been major news about Data theft and others. I have ordered from Temu many times. but being concerned about my info being leaked out like credit cards etc. I have been intentionally using “Cash on delivery” and it has been always perfect.

I’ve been purchasing from them for some time, and the experience has been consistently excellent. I highly recommend Temu.
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Not me the courier driver lied and said package was delivered which it wasn’t. I called their customer support who said their ‘manager’ would he touch. I never got an answer what happened to my package. Considered it stolen.

So you’ve married somebody else? Sorry for being nosy again but am just curious to know all about my favourite blogger ❤️

I’ve used TEMU twice now and they are fantastic. No issues whatsoever, my items all come in one package and it takes around 8 – 10 days from China to Kuwait. You can pay cash when the delivery man comes as well. I used to order from AliExpress and it was a nightmare having my items sent to the post office one item at a time and having to wait up to 5 months to receive my products. TEMU is the AliExpress killer! Highly recommend.

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