Dear Kababji, Stop Spamming Me

I’m having a horrible experience dealing with all the SMS ads Kababji keep sending me. I used to order from them a few times a week and for yeearrssss, but since I’ve started having issues with their ads and their social media teams complete lack of communication, I’ve stopped ordering from them.

I was a huge fan of the brand but now they really piss me off and all because they refuse to stop sending me ads. To make matters worse, they’ve started sending me Subway ads (they’re owned by the same company which is Kout Food Group), so I’ve also now decided to stop having Subway which I was having around once or twice a week before they started spamming me.

I don’t understand the thinking process sometimes. Like fine, you’re sending ads out to your customers without their permission, sure, whatever, but at least when the customer gets in touch with you and asks you to stop sending them ads, you stop.

Since I’m venting, Dear ZUE, I don’t need to give you my phone number when buying poop bags. Every time I tell the cashier I don’t want to give them my number, they get so confused and don’t know what to do. They insist on a number for me to pay, and when I give them a fake number they refuse to use it. So I keep telling them to put their own numbers and then after they argue amongst each other, the staff end up using their own numbers for the order. Like why all the drama? Why do you need a my real phone number just so I can pay for a poop bag? Like, I’m a fan of the place, products and services, but you have to change this annoying policy.

Rant Over.

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I agree with you, all businesses in Kuwait now want your number so they can spam you and sell off your number to other businesses.
I hate it.

This feels like a personal diss post. U know kebabji aren’t really targeting ur phone number to send u annoying ads? Either take it up with alkout food group ( which u obv made the connection that theyre the ones keeping a database for customers numbers) or block their numbers and relax a little.

I know Kababji are sending me ads, I know that I asked them to stop and they haven’t. I also contacted kout food group and they ignored me. I tried blocking the numbers and it didn’t work. Got any more basic 101 ideas? You sound like you do their marketing or your best friend works there.

Go to Masgouf … they ask for your name & number just as a walk-in … mind boggling … I just want to eat and enjoy my time without having to worry about spam messages … I end up telling them I don’t live in Kuwait and don’t have a phone number … seems to work 🙂

Use Google Messages app. Its available on android not sure if its available on ios.

Google’s messaging app has a spam folder where it automatically detects spam texts also you can choose certain numbers to go straight to spam and you dont get notified or even see it (like email junk/spam folder).

I stopped giving my phone number to stores at the cashier, a) because of the increase of spammers/frauds in Kuwait pretending to be a company/person and b) because it’s become a thing for stores and restaurants to send you offers/promotions on whatsapp now and sometimes multiple times a day. I want whatsapp to be personal and not another gateway to shove ads and discounts. Why not leave all that in the SMS domain instead? I had to resort to blocking most of these stores just due to the annoyance.

Hi Mark,

If you go to the message on iOS, and click on the sender details, you can press “Hide Alerts”. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing

The reason is after you chose hide alerts you deleted the ‘conversation’ so it forgets the hide alerts setting. That’s how I hide alerts from the biggest spammer of all Zain and their crappy offers.

Some companies like Alghanim motors use SMS to tell you that your car is ready, or to remind you that it is due for service. Best Alyousifi use it to store your invoice digitally so you dont have to have a hard copy.
The majority dont need your number whatsoever and i never give it to them.

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