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Premium Sound Systems at BEST Electronics

Best Electronics carry a few high-end sound systems but they’re only located in their flagship store in Shuwaikh. I’ve previously brushed on this briefly during my home sound system upgrade post but decided it was worth highlighting again since BEST recently moved their Shuwaikh store to a newer location and in the process, expanded their sound system section.

Here are some of the brands they carry at this one specific location:

Definitive Technology
Earthquake Sound
Gallo Acoustics

You won’t find these items on their website or in any of their other locations. The new BEST store is located right next to their old location and is huge. The premium sound system section is located in the back corner on the ground floor and they even have a small theater room in which they demonstrate different screen projectors and speakers.

If you want to check any of the brands above out, here is the location of this store on Google Maps.

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Been debating a receiver for months now. Their Denon is priced really close to the Marantz in Xcite. Marantz sells for a higher price than Denon outside of Kuwait. Leaning towards Marantz.

Marantz 9.2ch (SR7015) – 570kd
Denon 9.2ch (4700H) – 560kd
Marantz 7.2ch (SR5015) – 300kd
Denon 7.2ch (2700h) – 340kd

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