The 2:48AM Holiday Gift Guide – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Post by Mark

I used to post a gift guide on the blog back in the olden days (jeez wtf) so I decided to bring the list back this year again. If you still haven’t purchased a Christmas gift then the list below might help you with some ideas. Everything listed below is available in Kuwait, the links will take you to the place that sells the item. I might add more to the list as I think of stuff but for now these are my recommendations:

Over KD75
B&O BeoPlay A2 Speaker KD120
B&O BeoPlay H5 Earphones KD85
Micro 3D Printer KD169
Pure Fix Brewster Bicycle KD100
Typographic Light Box KD140

Under KD75
B&O BeoPlay H3 Earphones KD50
Crafted Gift Box KD60
Nintendo Classic Mini KD60

Under KD50
AeroPress Coffee Maker KD17
Alive Yoga (1 Month Membership) KD39
Apple TV (4th Gen) KD47
Breville Smart Kettle KD25
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker KD32.350
Fujifilm Instax Mini8 Instant Film Camera KD25
Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine KD45

Under KD15
Black Classic Logbook KD8
Brother Personal Label Machine KD9.900
Casio – Retro Gold Watch KD13
Casio – Retro Steel Watch KD8
Eneloop Charger with 4xAA Batteries KD12.950
Klean Kanteen Stainless Bottle KD10
Mossery Dye Notebook KD3
Striped Shopping Bag KD9.750

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  1. Ozzy says:

    Those are gd ideas for last minute presents but becareful because some items can be bought for cheaper if not half price if you put in a bit of effort and look around. The casio watch and the NES can be bought a lot cheaper. I bought the casio for 3 KD silver and 6 KD Gold in Souk Mubarakiyah from the watch sellers this year. The NES..well I guess your paying for not having to wait until its re supplied again, but you can get it for 60 dollars instead of 60KD.

    • Mark says:

      You can’t buy the NES Classic ANYWHERE in the world for $60 before Christmas yet alone in Kuwait. So you CAN’T get it for 60 dollars instead of 60KD. Also Casio prices are practically the same in every shop including the dealer, but yes you can find KD3 Casio watches that look similar to the one I’ve linked to, it’s just not the same one as the one I’ve linked to.

  2. aaa says:

    The NES Mini is not worth 60 KD. I want one myself but for 60KD you’re probably pretty close in price to buying the totally new Nintendo System coming out soon.

    • Mark says:

      it’s not worth KD60 for you but for someone who wants it before Christmas, KD60 is actually a good deal compared to how much they’re selling on eBay. I ordered one myself from a guy in France and with shipping to Kuwait it ended up costing me KD58. It costs more in the States with most going for over $200.

      • Mark says:

        ok conversation is useless now since all their units just got sold. I kinda figured that would happen at KD60 each. I had people offer me more than KD60 for mine

      • Hey Mark,

        How come people prefer NES and SNES over Sega Genesis/Mega Drive?

        Is it the games? Is it because of better graphics?

        I’ve always wondered about that.

        • Mark says:

          people don’t prefer the NES over the SNES, everyone prefers the SNES but Nintendo just released the NES Classic Mini which is why it’s in the spotlight right now. Everyone is hoping they’ll release a SNES Classic Mini.

          Regarding SNES vs Genesis, Nintendo people and smart people will always prefer the SNES over the Genesis while the Sega people will prefer the Genesis over the SNES. I’ve taken part in many SNES vs Genesis battles back when I was a kid, it was sad since Genesis people were brainwashed and you couldn’t talk any logic to them. SNES is way better than the Genesis. There is even a great book about the SNES vs Genesis battle

          • Alright thanks.

            From the looks of it, it seems like one of those Shake Shack vs In N Out discussions.

            I honestly only owned a Mega Drive growing up so I never was able to compare it to a SNES.

            Golden Axe, Shinobi, Bare Knuckle, Belle’s Quest………..those were some good times.

            Sidenote: if anyone’s interested in buying Klean Kanteen bottles (and you should, they’re the best), you can also find them at VANS.

          • Nasser says:

            Oh man Console Wars is such an awesome book! They’re releasing a documentary and movie based off of it, but I have no idea when

  3. zaydoun says:

    Forget Christmas… my birthday is coming up and this list will circulated near and far!

  4. Sonic says:

    I had a Mega Drive from Japan, couldn’t afford a SNES, didn’t even know what it was at a time. Had a blast with it, first game was Sonic the Hedgehog (1). That blew my mind then, to finish in one playthrough, then replay again to collect all the chaos emeralds to find out the guy turns into Super Sonic at the endind credits. Then out comes Sonic 2 with semi co-op so more fun with friends, kinda more cinematic too. Then Sonic 3 with new moves, then Sonic and Knuckles then…. then Nothing… That’s how my console stint ended… Now I buy all these Sonic games on Steam hoping I could live a new thrill of my old childhood but they are shit. I also realzied that I changed my style of playing. Back then, it was “get 50 rings” go to bonus stage, boom, finish stage. Now, after playing Dungeon Crawlers for a few years, I am going slow as a fucking turtle, investigating every fucking space on the map, hoarding all items.

    But, I digress.

    In my opinion, JRPG is where NES and SNES kinda did better than Sega, but there were a few on Mega Drive as well worth playing.

    Once Roms were a thing about 16-17 years ago, I’d download them and fire up ZSNES and play the shit out of them. I feel SNES was superior to mega drive both in technology, branding and gamelist but Mega Drive had more character and less Disney with its characters.

    Fun times, good night

  5. k says:

    holy shit, that typographic light box is fucking cooooooool!

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