Kuwait 1984 vs Kuwait 2016

Post by Mark

You can zoom in and watch an animated Google Earth timelapse of Kuwait from 1984 up till 2016 by clicking [Here]

Thanks Dima!

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  1. SRC says:

    What’s really interesting to note is the disappearance of “Lake Sabah Al-Salem.” I remember, and you can see in the photos, the presence of a seasonal “lake” in the Northeast corner of Sabah Al-Salem, right at the end/beginning of the 6th Ring Road. I always thought the water content of the soil there made it basically impossible to build on. Fun fact – the lake had shrimp in it, and I was told that the shrimp eggs in the summer, when the lake was dry, were able to survive somehow. I suppose it must have been true, because I remember riding my bike there and seeing the shrimp for myself. One thing I do know – I would not want to live in that tall apartment complex that is currently being constructed there. But that’s just me.

  2. Ahmed says:

    With urban development progress, there is reverse progress with treatment of expats.

  3. Azz says:

    Its amazing to see the Airport hasn’t changed a lot since 1984.
    Just shows the kind of foresight we have here.

  4. Mishari says:

    The scorched plots of land where the oil field fires that took place in 1991. Just switch back and forth between 90,91 and onwards. Really startling.

  5. T-rex says:

    it would be cooler if I can see my house closeup over the years

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