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Vetrina is a new app that was launched just over a week ago and it’s basically a Kuwait instagram shop directory. Since there are a ton of instagram accounts selling products in Kuwait, it makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for especially since there is no proper search feature built into instagram (People shouldn’t really be selling stuff on instagram anyway, they should have an online store but that’s another subject for another day). What Vetrina does is take all these instagram shops and organizes them in categories making it easy to find what you want. It’s pretty cool but one annoying aspect is that none of the products I looked at had their prices listed, instead it just said “Ask For Price”. That automatically kills the impulse buy factor for me.

The app just launched so I’m sure the price issue will probably be resolved further down the line. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices and you can check out their website for more details [Link]

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  1. meme says:

    the only thing that people enjoy here is MALLS & SHOPPING
    so enough online portals :p

  2. Vetrina says:

    Thanks Mark,

    It’s true that most of the shops are listed without their pricing. We hope that with time more vendors list their items with prices in Vetrina, and we’re happy to say that vendors are reacting positively and adding their items constantly.

    It takes time to change habits, and using Instagram to shop is a bad habit that will take time and effort (for both users and shops). While it does take a little time for the vendor to respond to price requests, once they do their items are listed fully and you can order directly and chat with the vendor in the app.

    • Nicolas says:

      Well, this app isn’t useful for me personally, but for people who likes shopping using Instagram (like 50% of Kuwait) is really good idea.

      +1 for clean and nice design, it’s pretty rear in local apps :)

      Only advise is to change screenshots in Google Play Store… Android users can’t get exact idea how app looks like with iPhone screenshots in Play Store.

      Good luck!

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