Inside Radisson Blu

Post by Mark

Last week when I passed by the new revamped Peacock restaurant at Radisson Blu I also got a tour of the hotel. I didn’t check out the rooms since they didn’t interest me but I did check out the lobby area and the new Sky Lounge.

The lobby area is a lot brighter than before with a lot more daylight coming in and a brighter color palette. They’ve removed their famous floating 4-ton marble sphere from the entrance and moved it outside. They also expanded the little cafe that used to be there and they kept Peacock in the same location with just the entrance now moved to the main side.

The Sky Lounge is a new addition to the hotel that didn’t exist before. It was still under heavy construction when I passed by but I found the rendering above of how it will eventually look like. The Sky Lounge has a panoramic view of the sea and they want it to be the “it” place to hangout at night. Once the sun sets the whole place dims down and mood lights come on. They’ll have a DJ playing house music and they’ll also have a bar that serves non-alcoholic cocktails. They want the place to be a chill-out lounge and I’m personally curious to see how that works out.

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  1. Buzz says:

    I don’t like the floor of the lobby, it’s this cheap, slick, glossy fake marble. It doesn’t belong in the lobby of a five star hotel. Unless they downgraded to four.

  2. H says:

    Being a part of the project myself, be assured that all marbles are imported from different parts of europe and are unique to kuwait. Remember the design and policies come from the mother company Rezidor who have extremely high inspections and quality control. Its better to judge the place once it is officially open.

  3. from the pics, it looks really nice. love the windows all over

  4. Nina says:

    i like the new radisson its so modern and light ,, sky lounge will be a ( Wanna Be ) Bar or night club LOL !

  5. SAFAT Live says:

    Mr. Marafie has an eye for detail and is a stickler for elegance and class. Am sure the Radisson in its newer avatar won’t be a complete let-down. Only hope the new Radisson is able to re-kindle some of the Scandanavian charm and essence of years past.
    I used to love the SAS when it first opened. It felt like you were in Oslo or Stockholm.

  6. Le Corbusier et moi says:

    The last thing we want is for the hotel to end up looking like one of ‘ em glammed up mirror palaces that keep going up all the time in the Emirates, cue the Creek Side Hilton, Dubai (a truly awful place from the bottom of my heart!)

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