Inside the Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital

Post by Mark


A redditor who’s dad is currently a resident engineer/architect at the Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital shared a few pictures of her recent tagalong with her dad. Some of the pictures show the inside of the hospital which I hadn’t seen until now and it looks like its going to be beautiful when completed. Too bad as an expat I won’t be able to use it. Check out all the pictures [Here]


Thanks AK

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  1. Sami says:

    There should be a mandatory universal insurance system for all residents of the country. This will eliminate the need to make embarrassing discriminatory decisions.

    • Mark says:

      isn’t there one already?

      • Sami says:

        Sorry for the double post.

        The amount is ridiculous. The real insurance premium should be in the hundreds of kds per person per year.

    • Aysha says:

      As an expat in the US I am required to have a social security to access public hospitals (and they don’t give you a ss as an expat), so I beg to differ on such “embarrassing discriminatory decisions”.

      P.S. i used the US as an example because a lot of you non western folks look up to the western world’s way of living blindly.

      • Mark says:

        Social Security = Civil ID card, it’s the same here but in the States it doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican, Chinese or American you get access to the public hospitals, thats going to change in Kuwait. Next step, black people sit in the back of the bus…

        • AA says:

          Not the same. SS isn’t given to anyone like a civil ID card is here in Kuwait. You have to apply and can only get one if you have a work visa.

          • Mark says:

            yeah which is basically the same thing here, it’s not given to anyone, you can only get one if you have a work visa

            • hessa says:

              But the difference here is that the expat community in the US is not only made up of the workforce, there are students, temporary residents, refugees, seeking asylum just to name a few that cannot apply for a social security.

      • Sami says:

        You still have to pay for a public hospital (yourself or by your health insurance company). There is no free health care in the US.

        There is pressure on free health care in Kuwait, so Kuwait made a discriminatory decision, treat Kuwaitis only in certain hospitals, instead it should treat those who have health insurance.

  2. Sami says:

    There should be a mandatory universal insurance system for all residents of the country. This will eliminate the need to make embarrassing discriminatory decisions.

    If some think expats will not be able to afford universal health insurance, well then the kafeel should be made to pay it. This will also kill off most of the iqama trade.

  3. Ipsom says:

    You didn’t mention that they are also building 3 hospitals just for expats :)

    But I really think there shouldn’t be any discrimination in an issue like this. No reason at all to have separate hospitals.
    what if an expat lives right next this hospital and is in an emergency state? What if one of the expat staff in the hospital needs urgent medical care?

  4. Dun says:

    I have a fantastic idea. Since this apartheid hospital only admits the indigenous, then all the doctors and nurses must also be Kuwaiti.

    HAHAHAHA Come in with a sprained finger, leave in a casket.

  5. Ed says:

    I understand that there is an oath to be taken by all doctors which does not include ‘I will treat an illness on the basis of nationality’

    This hospital will attract a very poor quality of doctors indeed as I refuse to believe that any self-respecting doctor, by virtue of his profession, will choose to work in a hospital that does so.

    • Ipsom says:

      True, but I believe it might not entirely be their choice.

      The reasoning is kinda vague: Because this is a public hospital i think any public doctor is stationed where the moh officials choose… Maybe with some negotiating with the doctor.

    • pkme says:

      Most public hospitals in UAE treat citizens only. Where is the apartheid outrage there?

      • Dun says:

        Absolutely and entirely false. UAE public hospitals are open to every resident. The only other country that has apartheid hospitals is Israel which has jewish only hospitals.

        • Fantailfan says:

          Public hospitals in the UAE treat CITIZENS for free, all foreign nationals whether tourist or residents have to pay. Its 200AED just to open a file in a UAE public hospital.

          • Dun says:

            It’a not about the money. Even the current system in Kuwait is not free for expats. As an expat I pay 50KD for an MRI, and 700KD for a heart valve. I also pay an annual mandatory health insurance fee. A Kuwaiti pays non of that, which is fine. This is not considered apartheid.

            The UAE has fees in public hospitals for expats, but they are open for all.

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