New Renderings of Avenues Phase 4

Post by Mark


Here are a batch of Avenues Phase IV renderings I hadn’t seen before. I love the area above which looks like a narrower cozier version of the Grand Avenues. The new phase is currently scheduled to open early 2018, to check out the previous renderings I’ve posted as well as more information on the new phase, click [Here]

Images from PACE via lovelykuwait

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  1. creepyguy says:

    But where are all the Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Filipino/Lebanese/Expat people in that rendering?

    If you are making a rendering just make it more realistic!!!

    Just my rant!

  2. Security Advisor says:


    Soon to come ” Locals Only in malls day” on Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays & Mondays….

    That artist knows something that the rest of don’t ;-)

  3. Nasser says:

    Although this will definitely not happen, I really wish there was in official Apple Store there.

  4. zaydoun says:

    I’d be happy if “Dawson Books” was real

  5. Ozzy says:

    Yeah it’s just as Mark said. The designers are Gensler which is an English firm and the renders were just meant to represent the area and not focus on nationalities or irrelevant things in relation to the render, renders are just meant to show u the design, and the people are usually added to show scale and nothing more.

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