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Sneak Peek: Boulevard


I was checking Reddit earlier this morning and a redditor posted about how he passed by Boulevard Mall and was impressed. At first I thought damn I’m so out of touch, a huge ass project like Boulevard which is pretty close to where I live opens up and I end up finding out about it from Reddit. So I asked the user if Boulevard was open and he told me it wasn’t to the public but I could go there and tell them I’m inspecting the location for leasing. Smart idea so I left the house and headed to check the place out.


Boulevard is located in Salmiya opposite Souk Salmiya and it’s a huge project which I’ve posted about a number of times before. The project is composed of a number of elements including a mall, a dinning boulevard, a gigantic park, artificial lakes, an amphitheater, basketball courts, football courts and much more.


I was lucky that as I was driving into the park there was a car in front of me who stopped at the gate first and spoke to the security guard to have him open it. Once he opened the gate I drove in right after pretending I was with the car in front of me. Once I was in I was basically able to go and explore the grounds without anyone hassling me.


The first area I explored was the main mall. The mall is the largest building in the project and consists of two floors with a very large centre court in the middle. None of the shops had started construction yet but the mall looked pretty much complete and they were just working on the escalators when I was there.


Once I was done with the mall I decided to explore the park outside. I headed to what looked like the dining boulevard which was an area where single story units surrounded a large artificial lake.


From there I headed further inwards into the park and found a large green field with a few rows of stadium seating on one side. I didn’t understand what this field was going to be used for since it was round but after checking the satellite view of the field on Google Maps I now realize it’s going to be a cricket field.


From there I continued walking inwards and spotted the amphitheater followed by the basketball and football fields.


I was getting hot with all the walking and it was starting to drizzle some mud so I decided to head back to the car before the weather got worse. There was still quite a bit of park to explore and a few buildings but I figured I already had a general idea of how the project was turning out. I didn’t have high hopes before especially considering how long it’s been since the project started but now I’m actually excited about it. I have no idea when it’s going to finish or what the hold up is. They have electricity and it looks like the shop owners could come in any day now and start working on their stores so I don’t really know what the delay is. Hopefully it’s going to end up opening really soon.

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I love where kuwait is heading, with this project, the al-shaheed park and the cultural center!

I’m so so glad that we are finally turning away from the mall craze and opening new urban spaces that look modern and contemporary like the ones you would find in scandinavia or japan.

actually I’m pretty impressed with al-shaheed park, hopefully this one would be as good!

That’s pretty cool that they have a cricket field! Before this project began, that open ground was used by local cricket teams for practice sessions and matches..

Eagerly waiting for them to open. Looks amazing in pictures.
And as clichéd as it may sound. I hope, and hope harder, they maintain the place till Armageddon.

And there are going to be NYC style mini vans and food trucks selling cricket fritters, hot dogs and Mountain Dew!

Hi Mark,

Hi Mark,

This is one of Gulf Consult’s projects for which I was Project Director. It is a fantastic project and I can arrange for you to have a proper tour as Jo and I fly out to stay with Dave on 1st May for two weeks or so. I need to check how much of what I know is client priviledge or not, but all the units are fully let, also all the lake side restaurants. Big problem is it wont be signed off until PAAFR honour their promise to deliver the water!!

Look forward to seeing you again

Best wishes


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