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Post by Mark

‘Flat’ is a new real estate app that just recently launched and unlike most new real estate projects, this one is starting off with a large selection of ads, over 1,500 at the time of this post.

Visually the app is decent looking but I found navigating through the listings a bit inefficient since at any one point you can only see two listings at a time while scrolling. One cool feature I did like though was the ability to find apartments available around you. Say you’re in an area you like, you can just launch the app and click on the “Nearby” option and the app will find apartments available in your vicinity.

Flat is free and available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download them using the following links: [Apple iOS] [Android]

You can also visit their website [Here]

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  1. Mohamad Islambouli says:

    I just tried it. I liked it until i tried scrolling.

    It has a problem when it reaches the bottom of the page, it loads the rest of the ads right? But then it puts you BACK AT THE TOP. You have to scroll back down again and it keeps doing this every time you reach the bottom.

    Really annoying. I am using the Android version.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah that is annoying, luckily doesn’t do that in the iOS version but there is an annoying bug when you want to filter.

      In iOS if u click the filter and then try and choose the areas u want to filter out, after selecting all the areas u want if u click “Done” it will end up selecting all the areas and the “Done” button suddenly turns into a select all button. Instead what u need to do is after selecting the areas is click back instead of clicking done which is not intuitive.

  2. Flat App says:

    Thanks Mark for the review,
    We are currently fixing these minor issues, will be up and running smoothly soon.

  3. Paulus says:

    It needs a filter where you can filter the price range as well

  4. Shadow says:

    Great Website I love the design, clean and sleek.

    Funny I’m also building a real estate website, but unfortunately I ran into some issues. I had to change the whole mentality and I’m building it from scratch not buying plugins. I think at one point I used the exact plugin you guys are using to manage your Real Estate Application on the site… Don’t worry I’m going to be launching not any time soon :p and it will probably be crap the thing im building. Earliest launch Jan 2018 :P

    One major flaw…look at a property and click to translate it to Arabic… The property isn’t even there you have an issue with the links first of all. I fixed that problem easily

    Goodluck guys :) BTW just curious are you going to be running a real estate office to sell/rent buy property also or only a website?

  5. fajer says:

    hasnt been working for the last few days for some reason?

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