Salon and Spa Booking Apps for Kuwait

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I usually like to call my salon and book an appointment over the phone but if you would rather use an app then I’m aware of three local salon and spa booking apps. From the three, two cater to women and one caters to both men and women. I’ve listed the apps below, in case there is another app I’m not aware of let me know.

Bookr – Men & Women (Android & iOS)
Salony – Only Women (Android & iOS)
The Pretty Book – Only Women (iOS Only)
Zeena – Only Women (Android & iOS)

Update: Added The Pretty Book

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  1. Noura says:

    There’s also one called the Pretty Book but i think thats’s only for ladies.

  2. Mimi says:

    Wow, these days there’s pretty much an app for anything ay?

  3. Burhan says:

    Bookr – crashes on Android, once you get past the initial login.

  4. TQ says:

    Zeena is by far the best from the list, from my experience

  5. Sara says:

    Don’t forget the first online platform for booking salons in kuwait

  6. Ana_031 says:

    Any updates on this? New apps?

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