Fahad Al-­Gharabally Finishes 2nd in the UAE Superbike Race

Post by Mark

A friend of mine who has been racing bikes for just two years finished 2nd in UAE’s Superbike Race over the weekend. He races in the 600cc category race and is a pretty big guy compared to the other racers (which means more weight on the bike) and yet still came in an impressive second place. I just wanted to give him a shoutout on the blog and you can read the news article related to this on the KUNA website [Here]

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  1. Akbar says:

    Excellent news! Great read to start the week, Keep it up Fahad!

  2. jm says:

    much love fahad

  3. CanadianGal says:

    Well done, Fahad! You make us proud here in Kuwait! I kinda feel sorry for your Mama though, cause she must have been sooo worried about your safety. Thanks God all went well.

    Side note: Fahad is hot AF! Yum! Thanks for the pic, Mark

  4. FAR says:

    WOW, I Would love to take a ride with him!

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