The Kuwait Bowling Club

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The Bowling Club, said Al-Huwaidi, will be the largest of its kind in the Middle East with the main bowling hall providing 58 lanes for this sport’s enthusiasts. He indicated that a hotel, a gym, and a 1,000 capacity parking lot will be built alongside the club, hoping that such high tech facility will help boost the status of bowling in Kuwait. [Source]

Seems like overkill for an outdated activity like bowling. It actually sounds like a project from the 80s that was just given the go ahead now, kinda like if tomorrow they decided to build the largest roller skate arena in the Middle East, no one would care.



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  1. Bowling Green says:

    Don’t let’s look a gift horse in the mouth. Bowling is evergreen period. Let it build. Am sure most of us would go all ga ga if it was Dubai or Doha that was getting it.

    Hope they don’t abort the fun of bowling by introducing segregation here as well. Segregation will make it seem like a motorway with dedicated lanes for women, families and shingles LOL. These days segregation is taken to an all time low. For all you know we may expect different timings not just for singles and families but also separate slots for nationals versus expats.

    • Mark says:

      It’s not like we don’t have bowling alleys in Kuwait. We have them all over the place and every time I’ve been to one they’ve been pretty much empty. They’re not segregated.

    • tr says:

      What segregation? The Parliament proposed co-ed universities

      I don’t get what you’re on about

      There is always co-ed bowling at Kuwait’s malls, if you didn’t already realize this

  2. Nixon says:

    Well thats not too bad, I just hope they offer decent bowling prices.

    But the hotel is unnecessary lol

    • Tarek says:

      I was a part of the design team for this project, The hotel is Necessary because the project aims to host world competitions, so the project shall provide accommodation for the players, That’s why the hotel is there.

      • tr says:

        hopefully the project gets completed

      • G-Money says:

        Design team, huh…I hope these windows are tinted, because the greenhouse effect in the summer will tear these lanes apart. Competition in summer will be brutal, with oil drying up faster than you could possibly imagine. Even now, in enclosed centers, there is a 2 to 3 board transition every 4-5 shots on a medium pattern. We’ll see…

  3. My sister could have used this place when she played for Kuwait’s women’s bowling team. They had to use Cozmo in City Center for practice until the Sheikh didn’t pay the bill so they had to use the one in Ahmadi. But she did take Bronze for Kuwait in Doha 2006.

    • I used to practice with the bowling team when they practiced in cozmo however they didn’t move to ahmadi after, they got their own place at the hunting and equestrian club n I went there a while till I got fed up with how they never bothered with many of the new players not sure where they are now though

      I hope this place works considering people go bowling as a second thing as in cinema then bowling rather than bowling and back home

  4. Alley-gator says:

    Bowling is not an outdated activity. There are monthly tournaments as well as big tournaments on-going in various Alleys around Kuwait.

    Also finally, we may now be able to hold the Bowling World Cup here :)

  5. Buzz says:

    Mark, OT: Tonight is the final game of the American football under 17 League @ Al-Nasr club between USA and Canada. It’s in one of the local papers.

  6. Bader says:

    well it’s something,if it keeps someone busy then why not . Although I don’t imagine it being full unless it’s eid.

  7. bader says:

    its about time for large motorsports facilities and racing schools that allow the talented youth here to develop their driving skills and compete in a safe environment. Who knows, maybe even host internationally recognized championships such as the F1 like our neighboring GCC countries.

  8. mac says:

    I won’t comment on the (outdated) judgment . Someone already said my opinion. I have another point, the location is horrible . I think who placed it here never read urban planning. I mean come on that area always busy and the roads are like 10m width. .. just why .

  9. Brock says:

    How ridiculous…a bowling facility. I thought an athletic arena was being constructed which included CrossFit, MMA, Powerlifting and the works.

    A Bowling Alley? the largest in the Middle East? With a hotel included? How freaking ridiculous…

  10. John says:

    There still is no animal shelter, but at least we will have a bowling palace.

  11. Mais says:

    Where is it located?

  12. mahmud says:

    the location of the club.. plz..

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