Kuwait represented at Ironman

Some members of The 3 Club competed in Ironman Austria recently and they were featured in a short documentary of the event. Ironman is a brutal long-distance triathlon race that consists of a 3.86km swim, 180.25km bike ride followed by a 42.2km run. It’s insane! Check them out in the video above, skip to the 4:26 minute mark. [YouTube]

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Absolutely incredible. Now those are countrymen I can be proud of. As far as the average human being is concerned, those people are essentially superheroes. They’re certainly my heroes. It’s a goddamn shame that there’s no official support for this sort of thing, because this is nothing short of amazing. To go that far in a ridiculously difficult niche sport…man, I hope this at least ends up on the news.

they are superheroes and I train with them so imagine how unfit and out of shape I feel every time. I can barely complete a 5K run and they’re doing Ironman. Although there is no support from the government they really don’t need it. The 3 Club is doing a great job on their own.

Me too dude, at 5K I’m diggin’ deep and having a mystical near death experience. I can’t even conceive of doing those numbers. I’m sure they’ll get you into tremendous shape.

I know they probably don’t need the support, and they might even be better off on their own. But to put in years of strenuous effort culminating in an Iron Man race, I just think it would be nice for a government guy to say “hey, we know you exist, we see what you did there, so here’s a pat on the back”; if only to draw public attention to their accomplishment. To me, this is far more worthy of attention than an indoors soccer game for example.

Why are they charging over 400KD when they’re assuming ZERO responsibility over their members health.

I just read their “DISCLAIMER AGREEMENT” which said:

5. I, the undersigned, fully acknowledged that whatever emergency situation’s that may arise during the activity,Pro-Vision Sports Management and the 3 club is free from any types of responsibilities on me.

6. I, the undersigned, solely take responsibilities of my own action’s and that Pro-Vision Sports Management and the 3 club is free from any responsibilities on me.

I don’t like this. They don’t sound very professional. Just a bunch of athletes scamming the average teenager/young adult who’s trying to get into something new and live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s like they’re saying: hey, pay us 400KD and we’ll let you run with us. if you die on us, we won’t assume any responsibility for PUSHING YOU so hard, because we’re clueless and don’t know what the physical limitations are for beginners and amateurs.

Mark, I know you’re probably not gonna post this, but it had to be said.


It’s 90kd per month not 400. It’s also an extreme sport and like all extreme sports you should be aware of the risks and take responsibility of your own well being.

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