Muay Thai in Kuwait

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I know there are a lot of people interested in Muay Thai training in Kuwait so figured I’d post about a new place that opened up that offers it. A new gym opened up in Shuwaikh called Empower 31 and one of the services they offer is Muay Thai training. They’ve brought in a world class trainer (Joesoef Henri) who has worked with top fighters all over the world including:

Remy bonjasky – Former K-1 Champion, One of the best kick boxers in the world.
Raphael Assuncao – UFC #3 Ranked Bantamweight
Andy Souwer – Dutch welterweight. Currently a Glory top contender. He is two time K-1 World MAX champion as well as a four time shoot boxing world tournament champion.
Dhiego Lima – #6 ranked welterweight in the world – currently in the UFC


The trainer is from Holland so he’s bringing the Dutch style of Kickboxing to Kuwait which is something new according to the owner (All of the K-1 finalists are usually Dutch or have a Dutch style background).

So if you’re interested in Muay Thai, Empower 31 is offering beginner and intermediate/ Advanced Muay Thai classes. The cost is KD85/month, KD220/3 months, KD385/6 months or KD620/year. This cost gives you access to their whole facility, not just Muay Thai, so you’ll have access to “strength and conditioning coaches who are all highly educated and have past experience within professional sports teams as their strength and conditioning coaches”. For more information including contact details, check out their instagram account @empower31

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  1. Farah says:

    Doesn’t seem like they offer classes for women. That sucks. :(

  2. 3aboooood says:

    is it possible to sign up purely for muay thai classes without the S&C? I can’t afford 85kd a month but would love to learn muay thai

    • Mark says:

      no idea, you could contact them and ask but when i emailed them asking about prices for muay thai training, they emailed me back with the prices and they told me it also includes access to their whole gym. so my guess is they don’t have a just muay thai price.

  3. Salue says:

    they are so far in shweikh :(

  4. cajie says:

    What’s with Shuwaikh and gyms?
    I thought Shuwaikh was an industrial area.

  5. Ahmad says:

    I haven’t decided on fighting style, but Muay Tai was recommended to me, fun fact, Bison on Street Fighter his fighting style is Muay Tai.

  6. Nina says:

    Mark do you know any that offer for girls?

  7. Harold says:

    Hey how ro enroll to your muay thai class and how much?

  8. Casper says:

    Combat athletics is the gym for mma, bjj,muay thai, boxing, and strength and conditioning. They have got SIMPLY THE BEST COACHES in town hands down!! But can’t afford it 😣

  9. Aziz says:

    Best coaches and the gym is very professional!

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