Do Not Buy a Mac

Post by Mark

If you are in the process of buying a Mac now put your purchase on hold. Why? Apple has a habit of introducing new products or upgrades during one it large events which are held throughout the year. Steve Jobs usually starts these events with his famous keynotes and then introduces the new products. Next month is the Apple Expo in Paris in which the new iMac G5 was introduced last year. During these expos it is expected that Apple would introduce new hardware and software products, or at least some hardware and software updates. Below is a list of the Apple products divided into two sections, “Likely to be Updated” and “Not LIkely to be Updated”.

Likely to be Updated
Powerbooks (Last updated in January)
iPod Shuffle (Last updated in January)

Not Likely to be Updated
iBooks (Last updated in July)
Mac Mini (Last updated in July)
iPod (Last updated in June)
PowerMacs (Last updated in April)
iMacs (Last updated in May)

To keep up to date with Mac rumors and news I would recommend checking the following sites before making a Mac purchase:

MacRumors Buyers Gude Excellent Source
Think Secret
Apple Nova Forum

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  1. ashwa I thought you meant McDonald’s

  2. K says:

    revise your list.

    The iPod Shuffle is clearly a Buy Now recommendation. The iPod Mini and regular iPod are less clear. We may have to split these releases to get a clearer picture.

  3. Mark says:

    I wont revise the list.

    The iPod Shuffle is clearly NOT a buy now recommendation. Buy now means it just got updated but in the shuffles case it hasnt been updated since its release.

    The regular iPod just got updated last month with a colored screen so its very doubtful it will be changed next month.

    The iPod mini I didn’t list because I don’t have the exact date of its last update. I know it got updated this year but don’t know the exact date. They could be adding colored screens to the minis next month but I don’t know.

  4. Jackie says:

    I actually just bought a Powerbook yesterday after waiting for like a thousand months! I love it! I truly love it!

  5. Misguided says:

    Dear Mark,

    If you need it BUY IT. Otherwise wait until december when the intel computers come out.

    The laptops..both iBook and PowerBook are due for major updates. The whole idea of moving to intel was to use the M-chip technology.

    The iPod Mini in COLOR this december…For sure!
    Go to any apple store and it’s the ODD one out. All other iPods are in color now.



  6. Mark says:

    where did you get your info from?
    there isn’t a signle source I have read including rumors that say the intel chips are coming out this year. The earliest I read was mid 2006 and 2007 for the powermacs.

    true the powerbooks and ibooks both will go through major changes but the question is when. this post is to advise people on the upcoming changes not next years changes. ibooks just got updated so they wont be changing anything next month while the powerbook hasnt been updated since january. so its a good time to buy an ibook and a bad time to buy a powerbook.

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