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If you ever wanted to customize the horn of your car like you customize your phones ringtone you can now do so with the HornTone. Its a $300 device that allows you to replace your generic car horn with an MP3 song of your choice. [Link]


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  1. darkwolf says:

    SWEET now we easily place in that Mexican Trumpet Hat dance music :D

  2. 3azeez says:

    i’ve been banned from the forum, what did i do or say? i really can’t remember. ~36o

  3. mocman says:

    dude.. you still havin footer problems?


  4. Nand says:

    Hope the cops dont screw us for this

  5. Z District says:

    I hope this doesn’t reach Kuwait! I can imagine all the tacky and horrible songs they will play on it!!

  6. tiesto says:

    i want one!!!!!lool mark orderer some and start selling, you make money in no time

  7. Checkers says:

    lol great, just what kuwait needs! *note the sarcasm*
    i think its cool to know it exists, just dont bring it anywhere near here, i can only imagine how tacky it can get..

  8. NoWonder42137 says:

    Hope It doesent come here. I dont want anyone over here to put their Horn Tune as somesome saying [b]”FU”]/b]. Hope ya guys understood what I meant :p

  9. holla says:

    you should delete this post so no more ppl here see this and buy it. fuck what an awful and useless invention.

  10. Labeeb says:

    Mark you should delete this post, I can’t imagine what will happen if this thing goes around Kuwait!!

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