Designated Survivor

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If you’re looking for a new show to start watching and you’re a fan of Kiefer Sutherland, then I highly recommend you start watching Designated Survivor. The pilot episode came out a few days and I was hooked 5 minutes into it. Designated survivor is a term I hadn’t heard of before and this is the description Wikipedia has on it:

In the United States, a designated survivor (or designated successor) is an individual in the presidential line of succession, usually a member of the United States Cabinet, who is arranged to be at a physically distant, secure, and undisclosed location when the President and the country’s other top leaders (e.g., Vice President and Cabinet members) are gathered at a single location, such as during State of the Union addresses and presidential inaugurations. This is intended to guarantee continuity of government in the event of a catastrophic occurrence that kills the President and many officials in the presidential line of succession. If such an event would occur, killing both the President and Vice President, the surviving official highest in the line, possibly the designated survivor, would become the Acting President of the United States under the Presidential Succession Act.

In the show, Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of a low-level Cabinet member who becomes President of the United States after a huge explosion kills everyone above him. It’s a pretty intense show (similar to ‘24‘ in a way) and so I’m going to have a difficult time watching this one episode at a time every week. If you have Hulu you’ll find Designated Survivor there and if you have Netflix outside the US you should also find it there. You won’t find it on the US Netflix, this is probably the only time you want to have an international Netflix account.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Three more days before it’s available on Netflix!

    • Mark says:

      oh i’ts coming out delayed on netflix? so weird. at least you’ll get to watch it. I canceled my netflix and just using hulu now.

      • Mark says:

        oh and Amazon Prime with my Fire Stick.

        • Dun says:

          Ditch the fire stick and get the fire tv. Its sooooo much faster and smoother.

          • ManoftheMoment says:

            Has anyone figured out a way to get Netflix US or Netflix UK? Last time I looked into it, the major proxy companies were trying, but failing, to allow connection to Netflix US after the crackdown by Netflix just before the summer.

            Smart DNS were unable to connect you to Netflix US but were ‘working on it’ and HMA were effectively threatened by Netflix and withdrew all technical support for anyone trying to watch Netflix via a proxy server.

    • Ahmed says:

      Available in torrent sites.

  2. These are the shows I saw this weekend and loved:

    Speechless (Minnie Driver is back!)
    Designated Survivor
    Empire (new season)
    Transparent! (new season)

    It’s been a great couch/takeout weekend for me.

  3. Marcopolo says:

    I’ve had it with hollywood with its cliches and superheroes. Do yourself a favor and go watch Gomorrah.

  4. jm says:

    normally i read this on B-sides section

  5. Tester says:

    I highly recommend watching American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson.

  6. aaa says:

    International Netflix is getting better actually. US Netflix seems to be dropping a lot of shows and movies too

  7. David says:

    Kal Penn really seems to like hanging around potus….on and off the screen.

  8. T-rex says:

    So far, I seen around 10 new TV shows.

    1.Lethal Weapon is good, not bad, don’t except Mel Gebson in it.

    2.Pitch, It was good for one episode at first, till end, it caught my attention, story of female joins male major baseball league.

    3.Macgyver 2016, It has no Richard Dean Anderson (stargate SG1 Jack O’Neil), but good for those never saw classic. **

    4.Van Helsing looks promising, vampires, and not the sparkly kind.

    5.Bull, would be intellectual group study Jury to solve court cases.

    6.The Good Place, is afterlife show about what happens once you die, it’s comedy.

    7.The Exorcist and 8.Notorious, haven’t seen them, and don’t think I plan too.

    10. Designated Survival you covered that up.

    10 shows, seen 8 pilots, I dunno depends on next episodes I will stop or keep going watching it.

  9. curieux humaine says:

    Old but gold..

    Happy Valley and The Night of

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