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Jazeera Airways finally launched their remote check-in facility and it’s located around 2 minutes from the main airport terminal. From what I can see there are two big advantages to this new facility.

The first advantage is the fact you won’t get stuck in the insane traffic at the main terminal. Sometimes the traffic at the main terminal reaches the roundabout and not just during Eid. So being able to bypass all that to check-in is a huge plus.

The second advantage is long term parking. The long term parking at the main terminal is a hit and miss, if you’re traveling on the weekend you won’t find a spot for sure and if you’re traveling mid week it depends on your luck. The new Jazeera Airways check-in facility has it’s own parking. They have valet and you could also park your car yourself and the cost is KD2.5 a day. It’s 500 fils more expensive than the main terminal long term parking lot but at least you’ll find a spot to park.

I still prefer FlyDubai when flying out to Dubai but I might start using Jazeera Airways to Beirut. I hope they fix up the interior of their planes since the last few times I flew with them I found the interiors to be old and dirty looking.

For more info on their Park & Fly service click [Here]

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  1. aceboy44 says:

    I wonder what happened to Jazeera Airways “exclusive terminal”…..

  2. Raz says:

    But is there affordable long term parking at the Sheik Saad Terminal?

  3. Wassim says:

    Just don’t use Jazeera to Beirut, it’s like 3 hours and 20 minutes to get there.

  4. zaydoun says:

    I will be using it tonight to Cairo and will be reporting back

    Watch this space!

  5. Mm says:

    Jazeera is great in many ways the only main issue I have with them is that the planes have become filthy from the inside, stained seats, dirty floors and generally feeling extremely unhygienic

  6. bask says:

    Wouldn’t fly them unless the ticket is for free! Before doing added services, they should start with the basics: clean the disgusting chairs & train the staff. They confused being a budget airlines with cheap airlines.

  7. zaydoun says:

    I tried Park & Fly last week and here are my impressions:

    – Arrival and check in was relatively smooth and easy. Their station/terminal is bright and cheerful

    – After completing check in procedures, I boarded a Park & Fly bus to the main terminal. The bus looked fresh on the outside but really old inside

    – I had hoped the bus would take us to the Jazeera terminal but no we had to go to the main terminal to clear immigration, which kind of defeats the purpose

    – On return I followed their instructions and called the number they assigned for pick up from main terminal in the same dingy bus.

    – I arrived at the Park & Fly station and found they had someone else’s car waiting for me instead of mine. No idea how that could’ve happened.

    I continue to fly Jazeera to certain destinations mainly because their hours suit me and their punctuality record is excellent. But as someone said above, their fleet is in serious need of a facelift!

    While Park & Fly may suit some people, I don’t think I’ll need to use it again

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