Disney+ Early Bird Offer

Currently, if you want to watch Disney+ you need to use either a SmartDNS or VPN service but in 30 days’ time, Disney+ will officially launch in our region. Starting June 8th you will be able to access and sign up to Disney+ in Kuwait using your local credit card and stream their shows and movies without requiring a DNS or VPN service.

Personally, I only use Disney+ to watch The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett so I tend to subscribe to watch the new seasons, and then cancel my subscription once the season is done. But, I know parents who like Disney+ for their kids, so if you have kids you might like it too.

Right now Disney+ has an early bird offer, if you subscribe to the service from now till June 19th, you can get a year’s worth of Disney+ for the price of 8 months which is $71.50 (22KD). It’s not much cheaper than the US subscription which is $79.99 a year, but their monthly subscription is $7.99 while ours is going to be $8.99. I think our price is more expensive because they’re including some shows from Hulu like The Kardashians and How I Met Your Father, but don’t quote me on this.

If you want to sign up, head over to

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The more I hear about a new leech money sucking streaming service the more I love torrenting and my 40TB NAS drive lol

Synology DS920+ with 4 (14TB) ironwolf pro hard drives running on RAID 1
And a combo of Nvidia shield tv pro with a Samsung hw-900a soundbar running on passthrough to get full quality audio and video resolution.

Lol 2 MCU movies have already been banned so far. And they are easily available on the platform. Don’t think Disney+ will last very long

Kuwait isn’t gonna ban Disney, Netflix has a lot more controversial stuff on it and Kuwait doesn’t care so doubt they’re gonna pick a fight with Disney from all brands.

My yearly subscription for Disney+ & hotstar is around KD 6.
Yes I do have to use another service to use it but then I use that service for various other apps.

I get to watch Premier League Football along with Disney+.. which is not too bad.

I subscribed Disney+ when it’s first launched in November 2019! Obviously I had VPN. Binge watching all the movies during the first months of pandemic was worth it!!!

Disney promoted LGBT characters in their movies and the company will no longer use “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls,” in any of its theme parks!!! Just imagine the huge harmful and confusing influences on your children’s imagination, and also in some ways shapes their beliefs, values and morals ! NO 👎🏻

How to avail this early bird offer? It’s only 18th today but it’s showing 88.99$. Also the appstore (Region: Kuwait) says the app is not yet available in this region.

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