How to Watch House of the Dragon in Kuwait

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you probably already know that yesterday the first episode of the GOT prequel House of the Dragon was released. I watched the first episode last night and it was amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the season to play out. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones that’s fine, you can still watch House of the Dragon since it’s a prequel and so you don’t need to have watched GOT to understand whats going on.

I watched House of the Dragon on HBO Max on my AppleTV using a smart DNS service. I’ve posted about this service before but I’ll explain it again for those of you who missed my previous posts. Smart DNS works like a VPN into making the streaming services think you’re living in the US. But, unlike VPNs, setting up a smart DNS service is easier and it’s not something you need to turn on and off all the time. It also doesn’t slow down your internet connection.

You need two things to start streaming House of the Dragon, a smart DNS, and a HBO Max subscription.

Smart DNS
If you have an Apple TV or a Smart TV, setting up smart DNS is as simple as going into your settings menu and adding some numbers. I use a DNS service from Smart DNS Proxy (affiliate link) and it allows me to stream from any of the services including Showtime, HBO, Huly, Paramount, Dinsney and more. They also provide easy step by step guides on how to set up the DNS service on your Apple TV and other devices. I’ve been using them for a few years and never ran into issues with them. A full year subscription costs my $18. Link

HBO Max Subscription
Subscribing to HBO Max or other US streaming services is also really simple as long as you do it through your Apple device. If you have an iPhone you might also have a US Apple Store account. An easy way to know if you have a US or Kuwait Apple Store account is how you pay for your apps and subscriptions. Is your Kuwaiti credit card connected to your Apple account? Or do you buy Apple cards and recharge your account that way? If it’s the latter then you probably have a US account. In that case, you need to subscribe to the streaming services either through your phone or other iOS devices. That way the subscription will be deducted from your Apple account and you won’t have to use a US credit card to pay.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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I know what you mean, I used to have their receiver. However their streaming service, which costs about $9 a month, is more accessible to people then the whole process to get HBO Max up and running

You can even pay it with your iTunes credit

I agree. OSN + has most of HBO, Disney, and Paramount content all in one place + alot of arabic shows. Pretty good deal.

I used to have an HBO Max but switched to OSN +

subscribe to HBO max using mark’s instructions.

then pirate the show because the HBO max app is garbage and VPNs (and DNS settings) are a headache.

ethical AND convenient.

pros- DNS, VPNS
Ultra pros- Download from torrent connect your hardisk to tv with hdmi and enjoy! i watched all marvel shows just like that

are you guys talking about


I just watched it through OSN+ and had no problems. I once tried setting up a US Apple account and it asked for a US-based number and when I added a random one, I still couldn’t download anything because it said my device was in Kuwait and I had to change my location.

Also, HBO Max sucks now because they’ve been removing their own programming off of it, so how can anyone support that?

I could never use HBO Max to begin with, and seeing the news about all these removals were infuriating (not to mention the nearly-finished movies they cancelled). Imagine a show or movie you wanted to see got removed without prior warning? What would you do then? jUsT pRiAtE? 🙄

Lastly, did you even bother to watch Infinity Train? (Probably not bcs you were too busy watching Euphoria)

how do you subscribe to US streaming services (hulu, HBO, Apple TV+ etc.) without a US apple account or an American credit card? If not how do I set up a US Apple account? Can I have 2 different accounts on the same device or should I have another device just for that?

You would need a US credit card if you don’t have a US account. And can you have 2 different accounts? Yes but because everything is so integrated to each other its not as easy as it used to be to swap between both accounts.

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