360 Mall Currently on Fire

A friend just sent me the video above he took of 360 Mall on fire. Looks like it’s in the new extension near IKEA but hard to tell from the video if its the mall parking that’s on fire or the actual mall. Will post an update once I get more details.

Thanks @nibaq

Update: Looks like fire was put out and doesn’t seem to have been any serious damage.

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No, not unless you fall for everything you read on facebook. Gucci is not gonna sell fake Gucci, like just think about it for just 2 seconds.

Gucci will never sell a fake Gucci of course. A disgruntled employee in the boutique that submitted their notice and are leaving within a few days just might. Even with all the internal controls governing the movement of goods, the employee might not be able to benefit from this. However, they might do it just to smear the boutique’s reputation if they can get away with it.

Are you really that gullible?

What you’re saying is somehow a disgruntled employee managed to sneak in boxes worth of fake Gucci products into an official Gucci store, then proceeded to sell customers fake goods instead of original ones, and then what? Told customers they can only pay in cash so they could pocket the money?

Stop being stupid.


I am highly trained in Fraud examinations and investigations. I have performed several Fraud examination within Kuwait and internationally that ended in putting fraudsters behind bars. I am also a member of several professional institutes and hold various certifications that require proofing previous experience and passing exams. So “gullible” in this subject is a word that might describe someone else.

Just because someone did not experienced a situation does not mean that it is impossible to exist and automatically anyone who thinks differently is “gullible”. You may have misunderstood my comment and thought I meant something that I did not. I never mentioned boxes of fake products and I clearly said due to the strict internal controls to prevent such things, that “disgruntled” employee will not benefit any monetary amount. They are basically out to sabotage their soon to be ex-employee. All they have to do is sneak a small fake good (pouch, watch, scarf, etc.). Usually the controls set by the boutique to screen employees when they get in is easily overridden or even nonexistent. Starting rumors later to make sure customers question their recent purchases will probably lead to the discovery of the fake goods. By that time, that employee is probably out of the country. You will be surprised by the level of creativity an angry employee would put into their elaborate fraud schemes. Not to mention the security controls and checks that organization put to fight such schemes turn into a “Security Theatre”. Just like the security guard near the hotel entrance looking under your car with a mirror but not looking inside.

I invite you to visit and read some of their papers and research. I recommend their yearly report to the nation since it is free. It will broaden your knowledge and give you a better view of fraud risks. I am sure it will add value to your work.

I mean I can also post anonymously and say I’m highly trained in fraud examinations and I have a Ph.D. in criminal forensics, that really doesn’t mean anything when you’re anonymous.

Trained or not doesn’t mean what you’re saying is true. Stating an employee has been plotting for months to sneak fake items into the store to pass them on to customers is a tin foil hat conspiracy theory…

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