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World’s Largest Net Zero Community Planned for Kuwait

Yesterday the Dubai-based developer URB unveiled plans for XZERO CITY, a net zero carbon destination for 100,000 population that is planned for Southern Kuwait.

XZERO is a planned sustainable community, providing a net zero carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents, in balance with nature. The city will provide food & energy security whilst promoting a green circular economy in an eco-friendly live, work & visit destination.

The development will provide 30,000 residential units and 30,000 jobs as well as tourism through its various eco-friendly hospitality assets, including a 5-star eco-resort and eco-lodges.

Sounds too good to be true?

I hadn’t heard of the developer URB until last night and looking through their Instagram and website it seems none of the projects they’ve proposed have actually been approved yet. So sadly this looks like a nice presentation but I don’t think anything will come of it.

For more details on the proposed project, click here.

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This is only on paper.. execution is what is needed.. for eg metro is being planned for the last 10 years until now nothing happening.. so is the silk city..

10 years!? Lol! I came to Kuwait in 2002 and they were talking of the “coming soon” metro and huge new zoo, both coming “within a few years”!

Corona had very little impact on the airport as the contractor worked straight through as normal.
It won’t open until 2025, maybe later because of the massive (and entirely avoidable) fire earlier this year.

The real reason for the delay is bad management.

The contractor did not work through corona normally… nobody worked through corona normally, anywhere in the world. Do you think an airport just needs workers to be built? No supply chain? No suppliers? No material? No logistics?

I worked there for 4 years and there were serious problems and delays long before the pandemic.
The involved entities are using Covid as a convenient cover for other issues that had greater impacts on the project.

I could go into more detail but it might identify me.

Sorry to burst your bubble but delays and mismanagement are common in every country on the planet earth particularly in megaprojects of that scale. Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Dubai airports were also delayed and faced allegations of mismanagement.

Once again, sorry to burst your bubble but Kuwait is not unique in that regard.

ok! wait! sorry what? is this comment from kuwait? kuwait is getting progressive but not in infrastructure 😀

tbh, net zero is sort of a scam to begin with. Carbon offsetting? We aren’t actually decreasing carbon emissions even decades after the city is built, are we? A tree takes years to grow and absorb the amount of CO2 that is produced by a car in a week. (rough estimation)
If the concept involves solar and wind energy, then that’s a game changer and we don’t even need to call it ‘net zero’ anymore.

Pity that nothing gets constructed in Kuwait without slave labour – so net zero carbon emissions doesnt take into account human lives.

The renders aren’t very realistic. No plastic carrier bags strewn across the ground, no army of stray cats, no fast food outlets, no cars parked on the sidewalk, etc.

Please fix the roads in salmiya first. Then do all this.
This metaphor suits them.
“They’re unable to break a peanut with their teeth, but trying to crack a walnut with their buttocks cheeks.”

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