Must Watch: Foundation

Foundation just came out last week it’s so good! If you’re into sci-fi and are looking for a new epic series to watch, get AppleTV+ and start watching Foundation, only two episodes are out and a new one will be released every week so you can catch up pretty quickly.

If you don’t know how to get AppleTV+ working, I pay for the service with Apple Store cards I buy from Xcite and I use SmartDNS to trick AppleTV into thinking I’m in the US (Same for Hulu, HBO etc.).

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Please please Can you make a post about how we can get Disney plus working in Kuwait? Do you use DNS?

How do you get Hulu working in Kuwait?

I mention in this post how to get Hulu working, the same applies to Disney+ and any other streaming site. But you need an Apple device cuz you need to subscribe through the apple store. Not sure what the Windows/Android way would be.

Apple TV+ works anywhere as long as you choose a country like US or UK and have store credit in the account. Also, you can get a free 1-year subscription when you buy a new device.

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