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Best Deal for US Apple Store Cards

I used to purchase my US Apple store and iTunes digital cards from Xcite but someone a few months ago left a comment on my blog letting me know I could actually purchase them from Amazon. I assumed that would be the cheapest option since Amazon is selling the $100 gift card for $100, with no extra fees or commission which I assumed Xcite or any other store locally would be adding.

But, Redditor noooris did a bit of math and turns out if you purchase the $100 gift card from Xcite for 29.750 KD, you’re actually only paying $98.94 for it once converted to US Dollars. On the other hand, it cost me 31.072 KD to purchase the $100 gift card from Amazon after converting the amount to Dinars.

So if like me you routinely purchase Apple cards to top off your US Apple Store account, Xcite is the cheapest option I’m aware of for purchasing $100 cards. Here is the Xcite Link

Update: Xcite have now increased the price of the $100 card to KD31. So it’s back to ordering from Amazon again.

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Been following you for many many years, and I think you bank with Wells Fargo also right? Why don’t you just add your bank card straight away to your account? Instead of buying vouchers 🙂

It’s cheaper to buy a $100 card from Xcite for $98 than it is to transfer money to my US account and pay a bank transfer fee and then pay $2 more for the same card I can just get from xcite.

I have currently added my Kuwait Credit card for the Apple Payments;

In order to use the Apple Fitness + i want my region to be changed to US; can some one let me know a work around for that.

What I did was open a second US Apple Store account so that I had two, one for apps that aren’t available in the US (like UFC Arabia) and the other (which is my primary account) for everything from the US store.

Yeah, thats what I was replying to. Transfering money to US account costs KD5 at a time. Plus I’d be buying $100 for $100 instead of $98 which is what Xcite charges.

Actually you can! Whenever I order from the apple store it asks me if I want to use my credit. But not sure how practical this would be. If you bought a mac that costs $1,000, you would be saving basically 12$ pre-buying the credit from xcite. not worth the hassle

Is there any other shop in Kuwait that sells UK iTunes giftcards and accept more than one credit card payment?

Not entirely related but any news about apple pay? I would do anything for apple pay in kuwait and to have my drivers license on mobile I.D. I know both are being worked on but why is apple pay so difficult?

Keep an eye on (Search: apple gift card email delivery). They occasionally have $25 cards on sale for $20. I don’t recall if higher value cards are also on sale. You can buy the cards online and the card information is emailed to you. I’ve found that it sometimes doesn’t work if you buy more than 3 at a time, but as long as you’re willing to make several purchases, you could actually save a lot.

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