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Fujifilm Has a New Store

A friend of mine is looking to get a digital camera so I suggested they check out Fujifilm. Before the pandemic, there was a Fujifilm store down the street from my place inside another store called Fisher that belonged to Boushahri Group (the Fuji dealers). I think Fisher was a brand that Boushahri had back in the 70s and they decided to revive it again since I’ve come across Fisher ads while flipping through really old newspapers. Anyway since the pandemic started the Fisher store has been closed and I think permanently.

The good news is that Fujifilm now has its own dedicated store located inside Boulevard Mall. The store has been open for around two months and they carry most if not all the Fujifilm cameras and lenses. All the cameras are also on display and you can play around with them and try them out which is great. I think we spent around half an hour yesterday trying the different cameras and we didn’t feel any pressure to buy something or to stop which was great.

If you want to check out Fujifilm cameras, the store is located in Boulevard Mall in Salmiya, on the top floor near Sultan Center. Their Instagram account is also @fujifilm_kuwait

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Absolutely. Let me know your requirement/s and I’ll give you a cracker of a deal! Totally serious about what I said! 😀

My Guess @ Navin

This is what Mark wants to tell:

“we didn’t feel any pressure to buy something or to stop using/ experimenting he gadgets”

yup, we had like 4 or 5 cameras out and swapping between them, getting a feel for the different ones and taking photos. The salesman was chill about it which was great.

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