Must Watch TV: Shot in the Dark

Post by Mark

If you were a fan of the movie Nightcrawler, then you’ll most likely love this Netflix series. Shot in the Dark is a documentary television series that follows three stringing companies in LA competing to get the best news footage to sell to news stations.

Shot in the Dark takes you along on the ride, showing you what it takes to get to the scene first, and what they need to do to differentiate their shots from the competition. I love documentaries and I think in another life, I could easily imagine myself being a stringer so I really connected with the show. It’s pretty intense, the competition is tough and I loved watching every minute of it. If you’ve got Netflix, check it out.

On the other hand, I just finished watching Jean-Claude Van Johnson. It’s a show starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in which he basically spoofs himself. In the series, he plays himself, but although everyone knows him as an actor and martial artist, in reality, that was just a cover for his real job which is a private contractor. The show starts off funny but kinda fades towards the end of the series. Still worth checking out though. Jean-Claude Van Johnson is available on Amazon Video and you can watch the trailer above.

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  1. MAK says:

    the link is wrong,i guess you meant this link

  2. Anon says:

    I loved ‘Shot in the Dark’. I watched the whole thing in a day. I hope they’ll have a season 2 :P

  3. RJ says:

    I know shooting a documentary about social media is not going to be as interesting as this, but I’m doing a documentary anyway, any ideas on how to make it more interesting?

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