Kuwait Metro Enters Service in 2025

Post by Mark

The first phase of the metro will be completed in the year 2025 and is for one line that starts from Salmiya and heads towards the airport. It will be 50km long and have a total of 27 stations, 9 of which will be in the city center. The full metro project which comprises of five phases is expected to be completed by 2040.

2025 is not THAT far away, just 7 more years to go… [Article]

Below is the latest map I have of the metro, no idea if it’s still valid or not, but it should give you an idea of what it might look like.

Thanks lovelykuwait

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  1. Rshaid says:

    Oh please, “Projects” that will just stay projects. That’s how It’s always been.

  2. DarthSully says:

    God damn it, I’ll be 30 by then :).

  3. afnan says:

    considering the speed at which they are giving out new and ridiculous rules every few months, i probably will get deported by then. :)

  4. Nasser says:

    Seeing as how 3 airports are currently under construction and well under way to reach their deadlines (mostly), and all the huge projects in Kuwait that are done or almost done (JACC, the Abdulla AlSalem Museum, etc), I think 2025 seems like a reasonable time to have this done, and I hope it is done! Because having a metro will make moving around so much easier when you don’t want to drive

  5. fajer says:

    this looks so great with all those stops. just 7 years til i can ditch the car lol

  6. TKG says:

    Good luck to the metro system in the summer (Hot Hot Hot and it is not like it will drop you off at home). People do not realize that we should not look at just phase 1 but rather at all phases being completed. 2040 …. I will be 50 but surely no longer in Kuwait. 7 years to complete phase 1 … I wonder what the other GCC countries will complete by then.

  7. . says:

    2040?! What the hell was Kuwait doing all this while? Cars are driving themselves and Kuwait is JUST getting into the Metro system. We are soo far away from progress and I say that with a heavy heart. I hope they maintain the metro to it’s standards i.e. accessible to both expats and locals unlike the current public transport which is an abomination and makes you feel like you’re taking a bus in some poor village in Africa. They are improving by slowly bringing in new busses which are way nicer but again, we’re still far away from that too!

    Also, the answer to “What the hell was Kuwait doing all this while?” is probably building malls since im sure we don’t have enough of them already.

  8. Anon says:

    Im 16 right now. I was born here, and throughout me living here for 16 years, I always wished there was a way of public transport to get around kuwait without getting super overpriced taxis or busses who noone even knows where they stop. Now, they will (maybe) finally have a metro. AFTER I LEAVE KUWAIT BECAUSE IM NOT KUWAITI AND I HAVE TO LEAVE WHEN I TURN 18. So well done kuwait, once again you have made progress… 100years after all other countries. The Dubai metro took 4 years to build, in kuwait its over 7. Why? Noone actually knows. And even if they do ever complete it. It will be either overpriced or it will be so badly maintained noone will use it or it will only be for the poorest people instead of for everyone. So maybe if its well done, people will stop using their cars so much and use the metro if its effective. Which it probably won’t be knowing how things in kuwait work.

    But mashaallah, I wish them the best.

    • Mark says:

      The Dubai metro i’m assuming was a lot easier to build since it was just basically one straight line and they had more space to build. But from what i gathered from wikipedia, even they had a lot of delays, even though the length of the first phase was similar to kuwait approx 50km, and you are right it did go online after 4 years.. but less than half the stations went online, 10 out of 29. Someone on facebook also linked to the Melbourne Metro project and that is taking them 8 years to construct just 9km.

      So not all metro builds are equal. I’m sure if Kuwait can finish it in 2 years they would.

      • Me Like Salmiya says:

        We started the metro project(Kochi,Kerala) in september 2012 and we completed the first phase in August 2017 and it’s operational; This project had a lot of obstacles, but still it got completed.


        There are many metro’s coming up all across India,and they are making good progress.

        We need proper and safe public transport systems in Kuwait and it should be run the way they are doing in Dubai.

        • Mark says:

          You can’t compare Kuwait to India and China. We don’t have as large a labor force here so construction is always going to be quicker there. Also not all metro projects are equal! You can have two 50km metro lines but one might need 4 years the other 10 to complete, there are lots of factors in play but I love how everyone here suddenly is an expert into metro construction and giving their own opinion on how long our project actually needs to be completed.

          • Me Like Salmiya says:

            We don’t have as large a labor force here so construction is always going to be quicker there.

            What i am trying to highlight is the point that if you have the right support things could really work out faster; look at the JAAC( the project was executed brilliantly, they never took a break!!that is vision. So if the metro is taken with the right spirit; it will succeed. Don’t go to India or China, look at the saudi metro;

      • G Money says:

        The Melbourne metro project is mostly tunneling through a congested CBD. Comparing it with Kuwait is comparing apples and oranges. You are right, Mark. Not all metro builds are equal.

  9. Coffers says:

    By 2040, other countries will either progress to flying transport or by the looks of it the end will come much sooner than that.

    At least the Zombies can ride the metro then.

  10. Kuwait says:

    Is this the project from the 70’s or 80’s or 90’s or 00s or is it something entirely new?

  11. ahmed alrasheed says:

    it will be super stupid not to have it reaching the new silk city, if they plan to build it anyway

    thats beside my existing beef with the project being on over ground metro instead of an underground

    • zaydoun says:

      Underground would take MUCH longer

    • BlarneyBob says:

      Having it above-ground serves two purpose:

      1. To show the world
      2. To serve as an outlet for the youngsters’ pent-up frustration, they can pelt it with stones/eggs (like what they do to cars/bus nowadays) during hours of operations.

  12. sdk says:

    Looking to the metro lines on the plan above looks unreal when you know this road and areas … it’s not possible (I think to build a metro there. and I also think that kuwait can have only 2 lines from fahaheel to shuwaikh and from city to farwaniah !!!( just my opinion)

  13. Yazi says:

    I would love it if this materialized into reality but I’ve seen plans for the Kuwait Metro since 2006 when my job was related to it. There is too much infighting in the National Assembly for anything to get done. *sighs*

  14. W says:

    Has the tender already been complete? Or is this just the projected deadline? Either way, I’m pretty excited.
    I noticed a lot of ppl are complaining how we creating a metro system. Qatar just started one. Saudi just started one. Oman and Bahrain still haven’t even started tender proposals. Why do y’all like to complain too much. Also this metro project is the most comprehensive and ambitious of all the above mentioned countries’ respective metros. So please don’t judge and look past the negative achievements of past administrations.

  15. Juuseven says:

    Now is this time for real?!

    You won’t believe it guys that I have heard the underground tunnel of the Safat Square was planned to be a metro station, can you imagine that?! That means since the 60’s there were some visions for constructing a metro system! God knows why it has been abolished at that time.

    • Mark says:

      It’s the first time I hear of this so don’t think its true. I just watched a talk by one of the original planners of the city and they had recommended an above ground monorail system for the city, but not a metro. Wouldn’t have made sense to build a metro in the 60s, Kuwait still had mud houses and wasn’t as populated.

  16. Teyrx says:

    why cant they just use BRT? its much cheaper and faster to implement >:|

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