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Post by Mark

White Robata, the new Japanese restaurant I recently posted about is opening up at JACC this coming Wednesday. I’ve been there twice so far (they’ve been holding private tastings) and been loving the food and the great service. I know a lot of people are curious to try it out, and if you’re one of those people, then you should know that they won’t be accepting walk-ins (if you want a table). To get a table at White you’re going to have to reserve one online.

Right now with their other restaurants (OFK, Burger Boutique, Cocoa Room etc..) they’re using a regular waiting list where you put your name and number down and they’ll call you when a table is available. But if you’re going out to a nice dinner, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour walking around the fountain at JACC killing time till a table frees up. With the reservation system, you can book your table online at an available time slot, and then just show up. I’ve already booked a table for two nights and found the experience pretty easy.

In case you don’t have a table booked, you can walk-in, but you’ll only be able to sit at the bar and that’s limited to just 12 chairs.

If you’re interested in trying the place out, you can reserve a table by visiting their website whiterobata.com

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  1. hyr says:

    Website not working

  2. Sam says:

    “but you’ll only be able to sit at the bar”

    The what now?

  3. mohammed says:

    mark could you please share with us the menu if possible as id like to know how expensive it is before I plan on going there.

  4. EJ says:

    Hey Mark,

    What would you say about the restaurant in three sentences based on your experiences?


    • Mark says:

      why three sentences? The food is great, service is great, but it also isn’t cheap. Quality of food right now is probably the best you can get in a Japanese restaurant in Kuwait. Chef is the ex-executive chef of Zuma dubai.

  5. RAH says:

    Seems excessively expensive for what it is. Lots of better valued Asian options in Kwt – and great taste

    • Mark says:

      But you haven’t tried it and don’t know what it is. So how are you comparing to “better valued” options? What is a better option out of curiosity?

  6. Sh says:

    Always happy that Basil keeps bringing us these great restaurants/concepts.

    Looking forward to it.

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