Shows to Binge Watch this Holiday

A lot of people are traveling this holiday now that PCR tests are no longer needed but if you’re staying put and are looking for some shows to watch, here are a few I recently finished watching:

I already posted about Euphoria last year but season 2 is out now and somehow they’ve managed to make the show even better. Season 2 Episode 3 is probably one of my favorite top 10 episodes from any show of all time and the whole series is a must-watch. If you find yoga offensive, skip this show. Euphoria is on HBO Max.

The Shrink Next Door
I didn’t really like this show that much but I’m putting it here since when I was stuck at home with Covid I killed a lot of time by binge-watching this series. The Shrink Next Door stars Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd and is based on a true story. It’s available to stream on AppleTV+

The Book of Boba Fett
Is it me or are the shows based on the Star Wars movies actually better than the movies themselves? First, it was The Mandalorian and now The Book of Boba Fett. Even if you’ve never watched any of the Star Wars film you’ll still really enjoy this series as long as you’re into scifi. You’re going to need Disney+ to watch it though.

And Just Like That…
Quick confession, I was always a huge fan of Sex and the City but mostly because of the character Mr. Big played by Chris Noth. And Just Like That… surprisingly was fun to watch, not too cringy and somehow relatable. The girls have all grown up, they have families now and we get to watch them adulting while they also try to be their old selves. This show is streaming on HBO Max.

City on a Hill
If you’re a fan of detective shows like The Wire, you’ll enjoy this a lot. The first season was better than the second season but was still good to watch. City on a Hill is produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon while starring Kevin Bacon in one of his best roles yet. If you’re my age you’ll also recognize a bunch of actors from old shows like Rescue Me, The Sopranos, and of course, The Wire. Really easy to binge watch and it’s also streaming on HBO Max.

Dexter: New Blood
As a huge fan of Dexter, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this reboot but I just finished it last night, and shit, that was a pretty great series. Except for the last episode that is. No spoilers but I didn’t think it made sense, and going by the reviews online it seems nobody else liked the last episode either. To watch Dexter: New Blood you need to subscribe to Showtime.

If you don’t know how to stream the shows, it’s pretty simple. You need to sign up to a smart DNS service first (easier than a VPN). I use Smart DNS Proxy (affiliate link) and they have step by step guides on how to set it up on your system (I use Apple TV). I then subscribe to all the networks through my Apple TV using my US Apple account.

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I highly recommend Peacemaker, it’s funny and action-packed, and I think I liked it more than The Suicide Squad (of which this show is a spin-off of, so maybe watch the movie before the show, because the show does spoil the movie in parts).

Forgot to mention it’s on HBO Max, and it’s also available on TOD tv (which is a new streaming service for this region),

I love this post.
I’m waiting for all season 2 euphoria to binge.
Boba fett wasn’t that great compared mandalorian.
Peacemaker is very nice, entertaining show.
Thank you for mentioning city in a hill.

Here’s my recommendations:
The wheel of time
Mr. Inbetween

I originally liked Yellowjackets when I started watching but it started to get really annoying and stopped watching it. I might have 2 episodes left not sure, I should just push through them.

Euphoria is also on OSN streaming for those who don’t have HBO Max

I spent my Covid watching all 4 seasons (so far) of Yellowstone and I was surprised how much I liked it!

The Gilded Age (HBO/OSN) is basically Kuwaiti high society transposed onto 1880s New York 🙂

Hi Mark – Please do post your travel experience now that there is no PCR in Kuwait and in Turkey. Planning to visit Turkey next month so looking forward to it.

I use Smart DNS Proxy and Apple TV and I can stream shows on HBO, Hulu and Prime. However, on Netflix I can only stream content that is available for Kuwait (not the US). Is there a workaround to be able to stream US content on Netflix?

On the smartdns website when u log into your account there is a section called region summary. Inside there you’ll find Netflix, make sure it’s turned on

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