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Heritage Village Opens Next Weekend

Back in November I posted about Khalifouh Village which is owned by the popular Kuwaiti actor, Khalifa Khalifouh. Khalifa, who worked on various TV shows involving old Kuwaiti villages, built an old village himself because he wasn’t very happy with the quality of workmanship in the show-built villages they would film in.

Khalifouh village is filled with many buildings that a real village would have like a mosque, a bakery, a tea shop, a theater and a main square.

The village is now going to open to the public starting next weekend. From February 1st, the village will be open on weekends from 10AM to 8PM and entry will be free.

If you’re looking for something fun to do you could turn the visit into a Wafra road trip since there are a bunch of things to do and see there other than the heritage village. Personally, I’d recommend heading to Wafretto for coffee (pictured above) before visiting the village and maybe pass by Mala Garden for pizza on the way back. You’ll also find loads of farms on the way to visit and buy vegetables and fruits from.

For more photos of the village and to stay posted on any updates, follow @khalifouhvillage

I originally posted that the village was only gonna be open for one day but the English poster turned out to be missing key details compared to the Arabic poster. The village will actually be open every weekend starting February 1st. So NOT for just one day.

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