Biometric Scanning when Entering Kuwait

While driving out of Kuwait on Sunday morning I noticed huge traffic on the way into Kuwait. I thought it was weird because the border is usually empty in the morning. I later found out the traffic was because of the new biometric scanning. Every person entering Kuwait now has to get their iris, face and finger prints scanned. This applies at every entry port including the airport.

A friend landed in Kuwait yesterday and had to go through the process. I’m heading back to Kuwait today and going by the videos on Snapchat I’m worried I’m going to be stuck at the border for hours. Looks chaotic!

Update: I’m back in Kuwait and posted an update.

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I thought they were only scanning for fingerprints? And does this apply to everyone or only expats?

Previously it was just finger prints, now it’s the face, iris and finger prints. Applies to everyone not just expats. My friend who came in via airport last night was Kuwaiti.

This is ridiculous, what is this even for? Are we being invaded by shapeshifting aliens or something? Who asked for this???

I flew in to Kuwait on Sunday morning via Turkish Airlines. They had scanners setup and were scanning passengers only in the Kuwaiti/GCC residents queue. These was no biometric scanning (yet) for other expats.

Just when I thought it’s a great idea to apply for a Saudi Visa to drive in and out of Bahrain.

Recently made a trip to Bahrain by road. it was by far my 1st smoothest border crossing. I remember 8 years ago while going for umrah we had to be at the customs for hours to get it cleared. It was my dream as an expat to cross the border in my own car and thanks to saudi arabia i made it. although my right rear tyre blasted on damam highway but it was worth the shot and made amazing memories.

I was so shocked and surprised to see how every town and roads in saudi are under development for vision 2030. Kudos to prince salman. ANOTHER huge shock was petrol prices. it takes 7 kd to fill up my tank in kuwait but in saudi i had to pay 14 kd to fill up tank. I suggest take a 4 cylinder vehicle to save on fuel 😀

I believe it is for facial tracking, integrate this data for new traffic cameras and/or tracking management systems that might be implemented soon #AiRevolution (anyone notice why they keep having more sensor/cameras at each exit of major roadways) #averagespeed campaign coming soon..

Not related to traffic cameras or tracking. I believe it’s related to the visas issue so hopefully once this is implemented they’ll reopen the visit visas again.

the whole process took 2 mins for us while entering back to kuwait thru safwan / abdaly border

I am flying out on 29th May. Can I go to the airport super early and get it done on my way out? Are there huge queues at the airport?

I am not able to get an appointment for Biometric through Sahel/Meta website. Will I be able to do it on arrival at Kuwait airport

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