Emirates A380 to start flying to Kuwait

Post by Mark


Starting from July 16, Emirates will be sending the double decker A380 to Kuwait everyday as part of their scheduled flights. The Kuwait Airport has been A380 ready since 2010 but the only time an A380 has come to Kuwait was back in 2011 when Emirates flew in an A380 on February 26th in honor of Kuwait’s National Day. The Emirates A380 on the Kuwait route will offer 14 First Class Private Suites, 76 flat-bed seats in Business Class and 399 seats in Economy Class. [Source]

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  1. lolguy says:

    >The Kuwait Airport has been A380 ready since 2010….
    Never came across that before.

  2. Joe says:

    Just replace the 14 First Class Private Suites, 76 flat-bed seats in Business Class with Economy seats to achieve better efficiency, it’s a 1 hour flight for farks sake!!!

  3. RaZ says:

    Not correct mark, i have seen the A380 at Kuwait airport a couple of times and flown it once, although i am sure this is due to an aircraft swap reason and not planned, as the ticket had said 777.

  4. Kuwait says:

    Well well well… we have a ticket to Dubai on 16-July. Zipped across to emirates.com to check my booking, after reading your post, and realized I’m still on the B777.

    Reason being, I’m on the morning flight. The A380 is on the evening flight. However, on return its the A380 (had to change seats) so looking forward to it :)

  5. Tim says:

    Love Emirates! They have their flaws but generally a really good airlines.

    Almost came back to Kuwait to finish a power plant project but couldn’t agree on the contract. Might be back next year to start a new one to west of the city this time. My experience last time was all the way out in Sabiya and that isn’t a very good place to be!!

  6. the real says:

    Why? is there that much daily demand?

  7. BAJS says:

    I don’t get the point, now if it were to fly from Kuwait to other destinations like France or the UK that would be great (given how airlines work I doubt that will happen), but getting on an A380 for a 2 hour flight seems pointless.

    • Mark says:

      It’s the shortest A380 flight in the world according to this one article I read

    • Burhan says:

      They also fly the A380 to Jeddah; and since they are the world’s largest operator of both the A380 and the 777 I think they have figured out the economics of it.

      Qatar Airways, when they first got their 777LR flew it on the Doha – Kuwait route for crew familiarization. It was a pleasant surprise for me as they normally fly the cramped A219 on this route. Its the same plane that they fly on their long haul routes, like Doha to New York.

      You can book a flight from Kuwait to Bahrain on United Airlines that uses the 777, I think it is one of the shortest 777 scheduled flights.

      It is not uncommon to have such planes on short routes.

  8. Jasim says:

    Airlines make their money on biz and first class seats (some claim first and biz subsidize coach). If thats the case then 76 business class seats at ~400 KWD and and 14 first class seats at ~ 850 KWD looks like a winner for a 45 min flight!

    Emirates has figured this sht out, although waiting for baggage & immigration is going to suck if you are one of those less fortunate ones flying in cattle class.

    • the real says:

      Who would seriously pay 850 KD for a 1 hour flight?

      Even if your worth millions, it’s just too much.

      You can fly Jazeera for 50 Kd!

      • Mark says:

        Because not everyone uses Emirates to fly to Dubai. People from Kuwait use Emirates to fly all over the world and when they book business class tickets they book them for the whole journey.

        Plus it’s not KD850 for business from Kuwait to Dubai anyway.

  9. Kliffy says:

    BA is considering A380 service to Kuwait after 747 retirement

  10. May says:

    BullS***** the runways at KWT Airport can not handle this plane. But if they have figured some boot leg way of handling this aircraft to service this sector, then they should share Sheikh Saad Terminal with FlyDubai AND Kuwait should accomodate these carriers at this terminal. They could share the costs of this terminal, we as passengers all ‘WIN’ because we by-pass the old rundown airport and then they post pictures of the royal family behind the check-in desks and declare it ‘some-what’ as Embassy status. The terminal is upgraded to U.A.E. standards (that means immigration goes to P.R. classes) and it is a win-win for these two carriers. Then maybe they can start the airport tranfer with Emirates service to the airport like in many countries to SST. Hmmmm..I see a new Kuwait!!!!!

  11. May says:

    Kuwait airport runways are certified to handel 747-A380-US Airforce Galaxgy C5 even the antonov 225, Everything you just said is negitive rubbish thats all.

  12. They dont really care about us says:

    Indians in Kuwait have never had it so good. Starting July 14, the evening service KWI- DBX will have onwards connexion on A380 to Mumbai, India. Emirates are launching a daily A380 service from Dubai to Mumbai come July bringing to 185; the number of weekly flights to India.
    Interestingly enough, Emirates and not Air India or Jet Airways is today widely considered as being the national airline for India :)

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