Changing wheels of an FJ while driving

Post by Mark

How do they practice this? Seriously they must have practiced this a few times before shooting the video and they must have made a mistake or two like maybe dropping the wheel or a tool. I’d love to see the behind the scene bloopers video. [YouTube]

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  1. Neo says:

    I know it’s dangerous stunt, but at the same time it’s friggin Awesome !!!

    BTW, that’s a catchy tune. What does it mean ?

  2. Neoark25 says:

    They drive very slow, like between 20-30km/h and if u fell from that you wouldn’t get that much hurt, just bruises.

    so technically it’s safe stunt, not that dangerous.

  3. Nixon says:

    Yea I’ve seen this a while with my friends, but one of them noted a very strange thing: why aren’t the airborne tyres rotating????

    • Nixon says:

      *a while back

      • Ali says:

        Okay, I’ll try to be logical…

        – FJ Crusier can be 4wd or rear 2wd
        – I assume the one driven here is using rear 2wd
        Now what is known, in most used car differentials (open or limited slip) if one of the wheels need less torque to turn it will spin for sure, so the flying wheel should be spinning!

        I assume they modified the handbrake in this car. They loosen the handbrake on the wheel touching the ground and fastened it on the flying one.

        The trick is to apply the handbrake the moment the wheels fly in the air, the limited slip diff (standard on 2wd) will send enough power (not all of it) to the wheel on the ground to keep the car moving while the flying wheel is fixed by braking power

        To make my case even more believable, check between 20 to 28 seconds when the car is lifted, the front flying wheel will spin freely while the back one is locked in place.
        Another point, the speed is very slow, so handbrake should be able to hold the wheel on such a speed

        btw I’m not a mechanic, let’s hope I’m right ;)

        • Nixon says:

          Hmmm… Yea that kinda makes sense, thanks! I wish we could ask them lol

        • bader says:

          its much more simple than that… think of it this way, when you go offroading, the smart 4*4 power distribution system sends more power to the tires with more grip and traction. clearly here only the right side tires are gripping.. sending all the power to them. The other two in the air have have no grip, so no power sent to them.

  4. Sauce says:

    seen it before, not impressed… wanna impress me change the oil & filter

  5. Jamal says:

    Dare Devils & Amazing skills

  6. Joe says:


  7. lolguy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is really impressive?

  8. rampurple says:

    LOL this is the video i was telling you about

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