I really hate flying out of Kuwait on weekends and I hate it, even more, coming back at the end of the weekend. The airport is usually packed with travelers and immigration on arrival is usually total chaos for us expats. But, I think I’ve found a good solution, Hala Meet & Assist Service.

I’ve know about the Hala Meet & Assist Service for some time now but didn’t consider using it until recently. The way it works is fairly simple, first, you need to book the service before you arrive to Kuwait. When you land one of their employees waits for you outside the plane and then takes your passport and fast-tracks you through immigration by taking you through the VIP line. This allows you to skip the long endless immigration queues and the chaos associated with it.

The service isn’t cheap costing KD10, but on more than one occasion I would have been willing to pay double that just to get through the airport as stress-free as possible. The biggest downside to this service is the fact that sometimes you get to immigration and there isn’t a queue or anything, so the KD10 goes to waste. So its a gamble, you pluck the KD10 down in hopes that there is a huge chaotic scene at immigration (which is the case 80% of the time). If you’re interested in finding out more about this service, then click [Here]