Filipino Workers are a Different Passenger Type

Post by Mark

Why is Kuwait Airways singling out “Overseas Filipino Workers” as a passenger type? Seems a bit odd…

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  1. Ziad says:

    I reserved for our Filipina maid to go home for Christmas. I discovered that the OFW passenger type is for few KDs of discount on the ticket price, which I didn’t mind.

  2. Riz says:

    To exempt the OFW to certain travel tax in the Philiipines. :)

  3. Abdulla says:


  4. afnanzn says:

    so teenagers will have discounted rates than adults?

  5. Green says:

    Maybe they have a different fare? Possibly to compete with the fact that ’employers’ would book the cheapest possible ticket no matter how many layovers were involved.

  6. Kuwait says:

    There might be extra steps or procedures involving certain nationalities.

  7. Faisal says:

    I think they have a specific fee waived for them due to an agreement with the gov’t something like that.

    I recently bought a ticket for a lady working in our household and realized that a small fee (1-3 kd range) got waived when I clicked on the Philipino overseas worker

  8. Security Advisor says:

    Maybe a special Kabayan friendly menu or meal plan ?? :-)

  9. lucy says:

    Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are exempt from the International Passenger Service Charge (LI Tax) upon presentation of an official LI tax exemption document.

  10. Mohamed says:

    It’s because OFWs have to pay some kind of departure tax once they present an Overseas Employment Certificate. It’s also on the Philippines Airlines website, no discrimination involved.

  11. Fawaz Al Saleh says:

    i swear this airline gets dumber by the day,
    seriously who singles out a race of people as a separate category.

  12. Ahmed2 says:

    hmm, could be so that when they arrange chairs, they put maid else where, so family be together.

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