Kuwait – A Place That Makes Living Easy

Post by Mark

With all these recent negative articles on Kuwait here is one that’s good. BBC Travel shared a list of five places that make living easy and Kuwait made the list. The five places in no particular order are:

Honolulu, United States
Budapest, Hungary
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Auckland, New Zealand
Taipei, Taiwan

Not bad right? Check out their article [Here]

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  1. Jake says:

    I think living in Kuwait is really nice! The country is so small, everything is nearby, there’s more people working than needed in most places, things are much cheaper compared to the UAE, not many bills etc. I think living there was so much better than the UAE.

  2. Yousef says:

    Give me a break. Easy only if you are a citizen! Let’s not forget that Kuwait has consistanly took the top prize at the WORST country in the world for expatriate living.

    I big giant F-U K8

    • Mark says:

      I’m an expat and I find kuwait super easy to live in which is why I haven’t moved anywhere else.

      • Dean says:

        I’ve lived and worked in central Auckland for the past three years and was born and brought up in Kuwait, spending a total of 19 years in the country before heading to NZ. By a long shot, Kuwait is definitely an easier place to live. Yes, we could use ‘refinements in Kuwait in certain industries – However, the pros outweigh the cons…

        Just a thought.

      • D says:

        For one who earned a pretty decent living, yes, it’s not bad at all.

    • Moe says:

      Come on it’s not that bad I’m not Kuwaiti but really nice and relaxed place to live in we all hoped some of the citizens were more friendly but apart from that everything is great and way less complicated than other countries and is very family habitat, I personally call it home

    • F-Yousef says:

      And a giant F-U right back at you!

    • Halyoosha says:

      Not true at all.

      Numerous expats are happy living in Kuwait and love it. I always see and hear positive comments. In fact, many consider it their home and actually miss it when they’re abroad because Kuwait makes them feel safe, comfortable and secure. I dont know on what basis they extracted the findings of that nonsense report stating that Kuwait is “the worst for expatriate living”. If it was that bad, there wouldnt be such a huge community of them staying here for such a long time. They would pack their bags and leave.

      • D says:

        Same place where you get your nonsense. They’re happy cause they have a job, rent is manageable and food is cheap. Most of their money gets wired out anyway so I really don’t see where all the joy is? Now unless we have a KD 1.5 K minimum wage then I really don’t see how some of us even afford everything we own. Oh right, installments, loans and credit cards.

        “Numerous expats are happy living in Kuwait” absolutely! And I’m glad you met only them. By all means, live in your bubble and do you but don’t try to push such nonsense as factual when demographic studies and so on are done based on real data.

        • D says:

          Also, easy living translates into this. We have nothing but restaurants and health clubs for outputs neither do we have any form of entertainment unless u speak arabic and attend a local theatre play. We live in extreme heat for most of the year and going outdoors is an actual health risk during the day. Most foreigners work from 9am-6pm, 6 days a week and on that 1 day off they run errands, handle chores as well as obviously, enjoy the weekend (day off which for some it’s not even during the weekend). Work-home-gym(optional)-cafe(optional), repeat. Salaries come in, a big part gets wired out and the cycle continues.

    • Umm Abdullah says:

      You always have to look at what those surveys are actually considering. For expat living, they often consider the nightlife, etc., and Kuwait doesn’t do well because there’s no drinking… but many of us like that.

      (For example, the ones that always find Scandinavian countries the ‘happiest’ countries take into account environmental policy – but not suicide rates.)

    • expat in kuwait says:

      first of all you’re so f**king rude.

      second, i’m an expat and i find kuwait to be the best option out there. it’s safe, small (which makes transpiration from and to work really easy), has a wide variety of job options, very family-friendly, and the general price range is very good compared to other countries (ie: uae). you probably wanted to party but didn’t find it here. we’re here to make a living for our families not party and get high.

  3. Sha says:

    Agree with Jake and Mark.

    If you earn decently and it suffices your basic needs with some saving it’s relatively a stress-free place to stay compared to other GCC countries.

  4. adly says:

    I love KT and my amazing Kuwaiti and expat friends from all over the world and live here very willingly, but its definitely NOT a place that makes living easy. so many retarded rules and laws that make expats feel unwanted, resentful and ready to leave as soon as they can….

  5. Vimal Varghese Jacob says:

    Fair enough. its maybe a little too easy to live in. Its an addictive comfort zone. Work life is relaxed and most people dont do any form of excersize. There’s access to affordable food everywhere. Rent too is relatively affordable compared to the UAE. Internet is great and the general shopping experience in the country is excellent. Sales galore every 2 – 3 months.

    But getting things done from the ministry or visiting healthcare establishments have become harder. Also the short term comfort blinds people from the fact that you gotta get the heck outta the country when its done with you.

  6. Aussie says:

    It makes easy peasy until the day you need to get something done at the immigration, you reset the easy days lived and start counting again xD

  7. Thinkg says:

    Obviously. As an American, I can tell you that Kuwait has a different type of freedom – one that is characterized by less stress, no taxes, fewer bills and less debt, no speed traps on the highway because the police have to make a quota, etc.

    There are certain crybabies in this country that complain about living here but never want to move back to their home country. It may be hot as hell, but you have virtually free central A/C. Go to Spain or Italy in August and watch people sweating balls all day long.

    The vacation time is great and traveling is affordable because its easier to save money.

    Kuwait has its problems, but it isn’t that bad.

  8. YS says:

    You’re missing the fact that it’s easy to live in Kuwait precisely because of cheap labor and workforce abuse. Living easy doesn’t come easy. It’s always off the back of *someone*.

  9. vampire says:

    The article writer mentioned music concerts and restaurants. So i wouldn’t take it seriously.
    Though i agree kuwait is easy

  10. Mimi says:

    Having spent half my life in Auckland and almost the other half in Kuwait, I’d like to add my 2 cents on this. Kuwait is definitely not an easy country to live in. Yes there are perks like cheap labour. Getting full time help in Auckland is unspeakable, yet here I have someone to cook, clean and look after my kids while I’m at work. Now that’s amazing! But there are issues like getting a license here for example. Being able to drive should be a right and not a privilege.
    Almost everyday you hear “new ideas” on how to restrict expats. Yes, most of those ideas do not materialize, but the place is slowly turning very anti-expat. I do love Kuwait, which is why I’ve been here all these years, but in the long run, I know I can’t stay here forever and will eventually be kicked out. Having said all this though, any place can be “easy” to live in if you have the means.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this article has probably never had to put effort into his living in his entire life.

  12. Expat by Nature says:

    Here’s what works for me living in Kuwait

    1) Free car parking in most malls and office spaces.
    2) No marathon walkathons thrust on you on deplaning at the airport.
    3) Cheap landline calls.
    4) Zero taxation on income earned.
    5) No fear of roadside mugging or England style racially instigated knife attacks.
    6) Easy access to domestic help.
    7) Great dining and world class shopping options.
    8) Prohibition on alcohol means money saved. I am not the type
    to break the law by buying my liquor off the black market. Whatever for is
    Dubai and Bahrain ?!

  13. Musing Muse says:

    This privilege is brought to you by the kafala system.

  14. Yazzi says:

    I still can’t believe that the reporter of this piece decided to use a source who doesn’t even live in Kuwait today. Sure, he can speak on Kuwait when he lived there, but what is happening today (both good and bad) is extremely different to his experience. Lazy reporting by BBC Travel.

  15. Yazzi says:

    That’s totally cool if you’re visiting every three months! :) it just wasn’t clear in the article if the source was generally present or not. Thanks for clarifying.

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