Fly to Abu Dhabi for only KD19.950

Etihad Airways have a ridiculous promotion right now. A return flight from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi is only KD19.950 including tax. It’s 8KD to go there and 12KD to come back which is so cheap! This doesn’t include any checked baggage but if you’re going for a weekend you can just fly with your carry on.

There is UFC 294 taking place in Abu Dhabi this weekend which is why I think they have this promotion. Even if you don’t end up going to the @ufc event there is still a lot to do and see in Abu Dhabi.

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Mark, try to go to Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi if you have the time, it’s amazing. The level of quality of the place in terms of theming and rides is on the level of a Disney park

Mark are you in AD for UFC for sure ? I am trying to get you linked up with several of the fighters to meet & interview if you want

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