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Post by Mark

My favorite method of transportation from the airport to the hotel and vice versa is using the Heathrow Connect train. I tried the black cabs but at 60 British Pounds (around KD25) they’re too expensive and you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic (total trip time close to an hour). I also tried taking the subway which cost me 1.5 pounds but found it too much of a hassle and it wasn’t easy navigating with a bag. Plus the subway took nearly as long as the cab.

Once I discovered Heathrow Connect I haven’t looked back. Actually there are two very similar options the other being Heathrow Express which is the train the airport heavily advertises. Heathrow Express costs around 20 pounds and will have you in London within 20 minutes. The train has room for your baggage and even has wifi on board which I think is great. The other option is Heathrow Connect which is similar to the Express train with some minor differences. Unlike the Express train, the Connect train has around 5 stops before it arrives into London. These 5 stops add around 15 minutes of travel time when compared to the Express. In addition to that the train also doesn’t have wifi. But on the other hand the Heathrow Connect costs just 10 pounds for a ticket and as you can see the from the picture above is usually empty since it’s less popular since the airport advertises the Express train. So that’s around 6 times cheaper than the cab (if you’re 1 person) and gets you there nearly twice as fast.

So next time you’re going to London consider the Heathrow Express and Connect trains. You can get the tickets at the airport and the trains leave every 15 minutes.

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  1. Talal Z says:

    But where does it drop u at ? I mean don’t u have to take a taxi from the station to the hotel ? How much would that adds up to the express’s ticket ? Am really looking forward to it !

  2. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Wait.. is there another train that takes you from Heathrow to Paddington? I usually take Heathrow Express from Terminal 5 to Paddington, but never saw the Heathrow Connect train. How do you go to the Connect train? is it located in a different station than Heathrow Express?

    • Mark says:

      You get a Heathrow connect ticket an u take the express train. When u leave from terminal 5 with the express train it makes a stop at the other terminals first before heading to paddington. U get off the express and get on the connect there which is usually the train right after it.

      • Mr. Anonymous says:

        Oh I see, the price difference between the two services is not small especially if you are traveling with your family. But Heathrow Express often runs promotions where you could get the ticket for a discounted price. I remember that I once got a 50% discount which was awesome!

  3. شاي سنقيم says:

    this is the only thing I hate in London .. the hassle of getting out the airport . I still cant find a way better than the black cabs and I still cant understand how they will manage controlling the Olympics .

    Maybe the trains will answer this question .. but definitely not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for mentioning it ..

  4. .kw says:

    Sounds like a great deal for people in London on transit.

  5. Amar says:

    If you book online ticket prices are 18 pound. But there are always 15%-20% off promotions going on if you search which brings it down to 15.7 or less…wifi on board is cool..

    Flyertalk (has updated codes, check frequently): http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/u-k-ireland/900258-heathrow-express-promotion-codes-16.html

    Tripadvisor (see last page): http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g186338-i17-k4155906-o20-Anyone_have_a_coupon_code_for_Heathrow_Express-London_England.html

  6. Anonymous says:

    £10!? I recommend you get an Oyster card – much cheaper with an Oyster card. The Heathrow Connect is my regular route and my favourite train. It’s clean, airy, there’s sometimes a ticket inspector aboard, there’s a toilet, and I always get a seat or at least space to stand even during peak times. Unfortunately, this train is going to be replaced with the Crossrail in December 2019.

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