An Electric Car

Post by Mark

I’ve seen electric cars before but this was the first time I spotted one being charged. In Mayfair they have few parking spots that have electric charging points. Very cool.

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  1. KS says:

    I think it’s also free to park and you don’t have to pay the congestion charge

  2. adjas says:

    this is very bad news for Kuwait.

    • aaa says:

      Electric cars aren’t anywhere near replacing fuel-based cars for a whole host of reasons but even if they were oil is used for a lot more than cars

      • Conformy says:

        Also populations are growing and demand with it. So in developing countries stil dependent on oil there will be a market. Also with planes.

        Besides if anything a person could go into a condom factory and poke holes in the design so there is more accidental babies who will if course add to the demand of oil.

        Also the two fold strategy is lacing water with viagra and most likely even kids will be making babies and throw certain parts into anarchy hurting their develpmebr by having a too large young generation feeding off of the productive generation. Once their system us demolished their time spent rebuilding will be profitable for those who don’t have to think and only sell. That would be the ones with resources.

        Then in an attempt to rule the works certain groups try to over populate while still affixing power to have power and with numbers compared to other countless which would be over populated with limited resources mostly spent to resources they don’t have.

  3. ei says:

    Trust me, the G-Wiz is not something oil rich nations need to fret about

  4. yabila says:

    well i wonder why does most of london pics have this type of color effect -_-

  5. Guy says:

    because there’s no sun?

  6. TweeZ says:

    is this an RC?

  7. yabila says:

    but that effect does not happen in kuwait when there is no sun :O

  8. daily says:

    No, no, no no no, this is so no on sooooo many levels….no.

  9. Kevin says:

    I wonder how many SUV users will be willing to sell their SUV’s and drive tiny cars such as these??

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