Kuwait Airport Terminal 4 Inaugurated Today

Post by Mark

The new support terminal (T4) was inaugurated a short while ago. This new terminal will be handling all the Kuwait Airways flight to help reduce the load from the main airport terminal. According to my source at Kuwait Airways, the new terminal will be active and fully operational from August 8th of next month.

I’ve attached some photos to this post taken by Sarah Alsayegh. I’ll hopefully be getting a tour soon and will take more photos and post more information then.

PS: Supposedly the terminal isn’t this dimly lit, but instead the photographer retouched them to this effect.

Update: Here is the location on [Google Maps]

Update2: Here are some more details:

– Shaded parking for over 2,000 cars connected to the terminal via an air-conditioned bridge

– 50 check-in counters

– Special check-in counters for people with special needs

– 16 self-check-in machines

– Terminal has first and business class lounges

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  1. Patrick says:

    Where is T4 located? I’m traveling on Kuwait airways end of August.

    • Mark says:

      before the cargo terminal. so if you’re arriving to the airport at the end of highway 50, it would be the first building on the right, followed by the cargo terminal and then our main terminal. here it is on google maps https://goo.gl/maps/jwF27Di5njm

      • zaydoun says:

        They’ve made a special access road with a big clear sign, just as you approach the old airport… It takes you right to the parking

  2. momo says:

    Terminal looks like a scene from Bladerunner 2049

  3. Saneesh says:

    Very very bigning projects
    But whacch new perppes

  4. Dan says:

    Looking good!

    Btw does T4 have a premium lounge?

  5. Redneck Riad says:

    Nice. Btw, I like it dim.
    See how DBX looks a flood lit stadium- tacky all
    the way.
    It will be such a relief if they simply open
    Up T3 for all the low cost carriers not just
    Fly dubai.

  6. Anand Gangadharan says:

    Edit Edit…..August 8th of next month😀

  7. BlarneyBob says:

    They really should put more of the “counters for persons with special needs”.

  8. Samson Banda says:

    It looks very pretty – the new T4. Almost Zurich like.

  9. Pantyhose Pawla says:

    Here’s hoping the guys from Incheon bring very high levels of
    operational efficiency, not previously seen in the region.
    Take it all 5 terminals will remain silent with zero announcements.

  10. MAZ99 says:

    Is it going to be a silent terminal, Mark?

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