Non-Alcoholic Whisky

Post by Mark

Not sure who’d want this but if you’re interested, they’re selling a box of 12 for KD63. I’m trying to get a hold of one to review just out of curiosity but here is the link to the local dealer’s [Website] if you can’t wait.

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  1. Ipsom says:

    Im more interested in a review than buying it

  2. mocman says:

    “just out of curiosity”


  3. Kong says:

    It doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle or the website that its whiskey. That’s smart because it will probably taste nothing like whiskey (which tastes like crap, as most hard liquors).

  4. Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

    Non alcoholic whisky is an abomination and must be outlawed. Whisky must be strong and alcoholic the way god intended. I think it could be possible that Kuwait develops non alcoholic bars and if Kuwait airlines had brains (which they don’t) then they might try to use non alcoholic beverages in their flights including virgin wines, champagne and cocktails.

    • AFK says:

      You lost me halfway. Should it be outlawed, or make it available in N/A bars and on Kuwait Airways?

    • Salah says:

      I think the emotional outrage over alcohol is too strong and sensitive to accept such N/A services and products with THAT kind of branding and marketing. I would definitely like to see something like what you mentioned, though.

  5. Sam says:

    Will go well with a vegan steak.

  6. Badabing says:

    This is where you guys get lost. People buy this, and then pour out 40% of its volume, only to fill it up with industrial grade non-denatured ethanol, usually sold here. Bingo, you now have an awsome whiskey bottle for 6KD (all in all).

    • Anon says:

      The contents would need to be 60% over-concentrated for this to work, or you’d get a drink that’s got the alcohol right but is too weak on taste. Clever idea, though.

    • Anon says:

      I should have said 40% over-concentrated.

  7. Muslim guy says:

    Guys anyone know if this is halal? I want to buy one for my wife. She is a hardcore Muslim if you were wondering (wears abaya, niqab, uses meswak to brush her teeth)

    • Kong says:

      Yeah but I bet she’s wild in bed. Enjoy.

    • Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

      Get some guy with a beard to pray over it all then bottoms up.

    • The Observer says:

      Am going answer your question in good faith, and ignore all mockery.

      If you’re sure this thing is 0% alcohol and drinking lots of it does not get intoxicated then yes it is Halal.

      The real question is the motive behind the drinking, was it pure curiosity, classy feeling/experience or a romantic dinner that is totally fine. As long as you’re confident that doesn’t drag you somewhere else. We have been brainwashed by Hollywood whether we realise it or not, and we tend to mimic what’s on the TV without looking further on consequences and the subliminal messages it throws at us.

  8. Krishna Shaw says:

    The real question is where can we find some quality whiskey without having to fly to Dubai twice a month just to get a taste of it? We all know it’s available here you just need the ‘right connections’ Every couple of months the Arabtimes reports that trucks have been impounded carrying loads and loads of booze, am I right Mark lol?

  9. Hamad says:

    According to your logic then nobody should comment on anything at all since we’ll be violating others opinions and “business”. So,its non of your business as well

  10. Scottish Guy says:

    The website doesnt say this is a whisky. It says its a “flavoured Elixer” essentially it will look like whisky, be packaged like whisky, and taste like dog urine.

    Also its only spelled “whisky” if its a product of Scotland, this isn’t. Please change title, i find this offensive… jokes… kinda

  11. Whiskey is Risky says:

    Whiskey whiskey everywhere and not a drop to drink.
    On a different note where do you get premium Japanese whiskey in Kuwait? I am thinking the usual suspects: Mishref, Mahboula or Salwa, maybe.

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