New Airport Expansion Terminal to be Operational by November

Post by Mark

The new expansion terminal that’s being constructed near the cargo terminal is currently 30% complete and will be operational by November of this year. This is not the new triangle shaped terminal designed by Foster+Partners that will eventually replace our current airport. That airport is set to be completed by 2022, this new expansion terminal on the other hand is being constructed in the mean time to relieve pressure from our current airport. The new expansion terminal will have 14 gates and will be operated by Kuwait Airways. With new planes and now a new terminal, Kuwait Airways are really upping their game. [Link]

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  1. Dun says:

    14 new gates basically doubles Kuwait Airport. That’s significant!

  2. meh says:

    So basically we’re gonna have 4 mini airports (flydubai, Jazeera, Kuwait airways, Main).

  3. Ahmed says:

    Got to give credit where credit is due.
    Thanks to their chairwomen, Rasha Alroumi.

  4. Kuwait says:

    Not to sound pessimistic but 30% complete and operational by November…?

  5. khaled says:

    yeah I’m kind of worried about the 70% being done in under a year too,

    but on a side note I read today that the main airport will be done in 4 years instead of 6 so they are aiming for a 2020 opening

  6. inzain says:

    Are they putting in additional parking?

  7. lucky_boy says:

    The new opening date for the new airport is 2020 not 2022, its all over the newspapers today.

  8. Silver says:

    New terminal foundations not yet started.

  9. Animatedude says:

    Who cares how many gates?! what are the F&B options? :D

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