New Dining Area in Terminal 4

Theres now a new dining seating area in the Kuwait Airway terminal T4. It opened on the ground floor across from Shake Shack and is meant to serve everyone and not a specific restaurant.

One thing I’d love to see at T4 is an automated bag drop off station. It’s super easy to print out boarding passes from the various machines around the airport but if you’re carrying any sort of luggage that you need to check in, you still end up having to wait in a long line with people who haven’t checked in.

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Judging from the recent responses from Mark, it seems to me like it’s his time of the month. Chill out my guy, you don’t have to be so aggressive with every response and let it get to your head. 😆

And there are plenty of things people can comment about a dining area but probably refrain themselves from doing so just to avoid your hostile attitude.

I’m not sure how you read my response to him as being so aggressive. You’re too overly sensitive if you think that’s being aggressive.

Well he/she (Username: Ding Dong) just made a little comment and even used an emoticon to reference that its in a comedic manner but you chose to respond with an irrelevant response like “What do you want people to comment on a dining area?” instead of just going along with your viewers tone.

It’s funny YOU are calling someone overly sensitive being that you are a grown man who becomes defensive as soon as someone hits you with the reality.

Maybe you’re just getting to the boomer age and are not able to comprehend the intension of the feedback.

Have a KitKat!

I think you’re being overly sensitive and reading to much into a simple wink emoji and my comment to him which wasn’t aggressive at all (I mean why would I be aggressive what did the guy say? Use a bit of common sense dude).

But based on how touchy you are to comments here I’m gonna safely assume you’re a millennial so you really need to calm down and not be offended by everything.

my guy shut the fuck up lmao

“Well he/she (Username: Ding Dong) just made a little comment and even used an emoticon to reference that its in a comedic” 🤓☝️

what a nerd

The Mubarakiya lounge in terminal 4 is pretty impressive. The views are great and the variety of food is in bulk. Over all the airport is amazing.

What’s with Mark ? – Why so serious all the time ?
*** Waiting for a sarcastic reply with bated breath ***

A new first class lounge has opened at KWI T4 exclusive to KAC “Elite Lounge” also a new dedicated dining area, Services are constantly improving at KAC that’s a good thing.

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