The Pearl Lounge Got a Makeover

Post by Mark


If you’ve traveled recently you might have noticed the Pearl Lounge at the airport was getting refurbished. Well the makeover is complete and someone from the National Aviation Services uploaded a 30 days time-lapse of the whole processes. I think the new lounge looks better and it also looks like it can fit a lot more people. Check out the time lapse below.


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  1. Acerboy says:

    It doesn’t matter their food is very lousy !!

  2. NMK says:

    is it open coz last thursday they were still in the makeshift lounge at the end

  3. Maz says:

    Hope they upgraded their food to an edible level !

  4. M3T4L says:

    I sure hope that’s not the final setup!! It looks like a lame waiting area now (with better benches).

  5. 3azeez says:

    I hoped they improved their food. or at least took it back to where it used to be before. now its its reeeeallly bad.

  6. Intlxpatr says:

    LOL, you get to see all the small things in the demo, and the beginning of the change and then it just JUMPS to the finished product. I like that it has a lighter feel, but I still like the other lounge better.

  7. Jamais nu says:

    While they were at it the least they could ave done is to clearly indicate they were undergoing a nip n tuck and point to where the makeshift lounge was at.
    I was at the airport on 24 July when the Eid holiday exodus was on and the air con in the airport annexe in the back where they had the make shift lounge had broken down for over an hour and a half. It didn’t help that the make shift lounge was about as shitty as what some regional European airlines have. They could totally have done without a makeshift lounge if all they were hoping for was an eyewash.
    Till they upgrade KWI International I guess the lounges are better off NOT granting access to credit card holders who are not flying business or first. The lounges at KWI International are bursting at the seams is seemingly an understatement.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I bet the dedicated Emirates lounge at KWI International is tops. Why dont you review it, Mark the next time you are flying Emirates A380 to Dubai?

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