The New Al Jahra Hospital

Post by Mark


Along with the other projects I’ve already posted about previously (Here and Here), the Al Jahra Hospital is another project that was commissioned by the Amiri Diwan. This hospital is going to have around 1,100 beds and will be bigger than the Jaber Hospital which is also currently under construction.


Major departments include: Accident and Emergency with Helipad on the roof and separate Adult and Pediatric treatment areas; over 20 Outpatient Clinics; Outpatient Procedures including Endoscopy, Pulmonary and Cardiology; Radiology and Nuclear Medicine; Same Day Medical observation unit; a modern Surgical suite with 20 OR’s including 2 hybrid rooms; a Women’s Center including Women’s Surgery, Infertility Clinic and Outpatient services, NICU and Special Care Nurseries, Women’s Surgery. Inpatient beds include Adult, Pediatric and Women’s Center beds as well as 12 unique ICU bed units.


The hospital is expected to take just 36 months to complete.

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  1. adly says:

    36 months my BUTT ;)

  2. Nathan says:

    Let them finish Tendering it first !.. Being floating around for 2-3 years now , tender-Award-cancel repeat !Major BS!

    • Joseph andraos says:

      The contract is signed.

      • Nathan says:

        Considering the fact that the tender was cancelled 3 months & 20 days back and re floated;the fact that the project is still being carried out in Kuwait & not shifted to Dubai and the fact that the budget is aprox 1 Billion $;I am sorry to say that your info is wrong .The is no way a project of this value is re-tendered , Bids evaluated ,& awarded in under 4 months in Kuwait (of all places under the sun)….ciao

      • Sunny says:

        Contract is not signed, still under evaluation.. EXPECTED to be signed by September 2014… MA Kharafi is the lowest bidder at present

  3. ahmed says:

    Hospitals are judged by the quality of it’s doctors and medical staff.

  4. Ahmad says:

    “Al Jahra Hospital is another project that was commissioned by the Amiri Diwan”

    The diwan cancelled the 1st contract with some guy, then al khrafi got the contract

    Reminds me of jaber stadium…

    • Joseph andraos says:

      It was cancelled because the contractor had problems with the bank guarantee, then the 2nd and 3rd time it was Kharafi.

  5. SILVER says:

    kharafi has started the negotiations with the subcontractors

  6. braining says:

    Another ripoff by al kharafi, nothing new to see here.

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