Sneak Peek: Kuwait Airways new First and Business Class

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A few hours ago Kuwait Airways posted photos on their instagram account of how their new business and first class cabins will look like and frankly, it’s a bit disappointing. Although it’s a MAJOR improvement over their current planes, the first class seats (pictured above) look more like business class seats on other airlines, while their business class (pictured below) is more like premium economy.


They haven’t posted any photos of the economy class seats but anything really is better than what they have now. The first new plane arrives this coming December. Here is a link to their [Instagram]

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  1. 3azeez says:

    so every flight is going to feel like a visit to the dentist.

  2. aceboy44 says:

    I <3 Oman Air. Very cheap business class to Malaysia and cabin is outstanding.

  3. Tizoc says:

    Their first class seats look like air new Zealands business class seats

  4. Aqeel Aslam says:

    The first class seats remind me of Qatar Airways’ business class seats. I was looking forward to switching from Qatar Airways but this has put me off, hugely disappointing. Hopefully this won’t be the design on all of their new aircraft.

  5. Matt says:

    Most things in Kuwait start out rather well, but give it a year and it will invariably hit third-world standards due to ineptitude, negligence and lack of maintenance.

  6. Ali says:

    Are they even making an effort to stand out?

  7. Lulu says:

    Looks outdated still

  8. salem says:

    keep in mind this is the design for A320 which is a short haul flights which usually doesnt even have first. qatar airways , Middle east airlines , emirates are business only for this model

  9. meh says:

    I believe the new planes that will be arriving first will fly short distance flights. If that’s the case, the seats are totally fine. I don’t think anybody wants to lie flat or take a shower going to GCC countries.

    • Mark says:

      that makes sense then

    • Burhan says:

      Good point, but the image shows a wide body jet (two isles). Take a look at the first class cabin which is 1-2-1 layout.

      Short haul planes are usually single isle. There are some exceptions:

      Gulf Air will happily sell you a seat on a A320 from Manama to Paris, for example. This is a 6+ hour flight. The A320 is the same airplane that Jazeera flies.

      Qatar Airways flies a A319LR (LR = Long Range) to London, but its in a all business configuration.

  10. Frederick says:

    Any effort to upgrade the fleet of KAC is appreciated. I really hope that they don’t lose momentum, and at the same time apply these kind of changes not only to the aircraft but also to the organization (leadership) of KAC.

  11. Sami says:

    You can’t turn a cheap worn out airline into luxury 5 stars overnight. Let them take the baby steps.

  12. Security Adviser says:

    Anything new… even cheap looking new.. is any day better than old…..

  13. Kuwait says:

    Sad is our state. Was just thinking a couple of nights back watching some football and you realize how Emirates (global presence) and Qatar Airways (FC Barcelona) are everywhere and we barely make it to Dubai or Amman without our wheels or engine falling off.

  14. Buzz says:

    What’s the point of first class if there is no champagne or wine list? What exactly am I paying for? Just the seat and some 7up and dates?

    • جاسم says:

      Why did you put dates there ya3ni u have to throw a uncalled remark there . HamdAllah no wine will ever be on kuwait airways.What if you don’t drink then thats it first ckass is over I believe it has more than that including comfort good food internet flight entertainment sitt8ng lounge more back packs yes so wine doesn’t sum it all .

  15. q8marronglace says:

    Seems better hope for the best anyway some of the comments are so dumb that I can’t believe I’ve wasted my time reading it!

  16. Thant was the first thing i felt, why does first class looks like business!

    they wanna maintain consistency maybe :P. cause their current business is more like cheap economy

  17. Salieri says:

    So. KAC is transforming into another Jazeera Airways? Nice! :/

  18. RaZ says:

    you cant judge until the pricing for the seats is known

  19. Ahmad says:

    Most of these aren’t the actual designs, it’s still not determined .

    They’re contractor proposals. That’s why we have over 10+ designs so far.

  20. Haitham says:

    Safety first! Let them get their maintenance right instead of focusing on cosmetics.

    Thanks for deleting my original post.

  21. Rohit says:

    I think the biz seats should be a little wider.

  22. Rohit says:

    On another website the top picture was said to be business class on A330 and the bottom picture was A320 business class.

    • Rohit says:

      The top picture is A330 first class according to Instagram. The bottom is biz class A320.
      There are biz class seat pictures of A330 in Instagram.

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