The New Jazeera Airways Terminal

Post by Mark

This new terminal is currently being constructed to the left of the existing airport and is expected to be completed sometime next year. This terminal is completely different from the new airport/terminal that is being constructed near the Sheikh Saad Airport.

The Jazeera Airways Airport Terminal aims to both alleviate the current overcrowding at Kuwait International Airport and meet the requirements of travelers in Kuwait for many more years to come.

One of the largest-scale and most important infrastructure projects currently under construction in Kuwait, the new terminal will divert 1.5 million passengers a year from the extremely busy airport once it opens in early 2018. This will increase to over 2.5 million travelers per year in the next few years.

I couldn’t find any more pictures but you could read more about the design over [Here]

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  1. Tareq says:

    Generally, I find Jazeera airlines a great company that aims for efficiency and being effective. In my opinion, it competes with FlyDubai with its services. Maybe with this terminal, they will get new destinations.

  2. Ntooya says:

    Kuwait Airways needs this new terminal more than Jazeera… The lines to check in at most times are unbelievably chaotic

    • Mark says:

      Kuwait Airways is getting its own terminal as well, its currently being constructed near the cargo terminal

      • Kuwait says:

        That giant thong/samosa under construction is exclusive to Kuwait Airways??

        • Husayn says:

          hahahah.. giant thong !!

          no, that’s the new airport terminal for all airlines.

          KU is coming up with a separate terminal (temporary solution) to ease the passenger traffic on the current airport (mini thong)

          i think, once the new terminal is constructed all airlines will be operating from there.

          • Mark says:

            Well new large airport is expected to be completed before 2020. New Kuwait Airways terminal was expected to be done by the end of this year but that’s not happening. Jazeera Airways by next year and I’m assuming the Kuwait Airways next year. That means both new terminals will just be active for 2 years? Seems like a waste of money.

            • Husayn says:

              Jazeera n KU terminals are expected to be operational by Q1/Q2 of 2018 before the peak summer travel season begins..
              its an interim solution to the lessen the chaos at the current terminal
              i guess they’ll use the temporary terminals for VIP / charter flights once all airlines shift to the new terminal ..
              also , as per what i heard ,to make way for the new terminal , they will most probably break down sheikh saad terminal..
              Flydubai will mostly shift to the current terminal :(

              • aceboy44 says:

                Shiekh Saad terminal is used for VIP/Charter flights so if they demolish it how will VIP/charter flights park in Kuwait?

                • Husayn says:

                  Sheikh saad Terminalis used by Flydubai.
                  The Amiri Terminal is used for VIP/Charter flights.

                • aceboy44 says:


                  I guess you don’t know the difference between VIP and VVIP people. VIP people arrive at the Shiekh Saad terminal while VVIP use the Amiri Terminal.

            • Beejay says:

              its not called “waste of money”.. its called Profits for everyone who are in the deal :P

        • Kuwait says:

          Wow, for a moment I thought Kuwait Airways would have its own little terminal like Jazeera while all other “expat” airlines would use the brand new giant one – hahaha imagine that!

  3. zaydoun says:

    I like Jazeera because of their excellent punctuality record and their flight schedule to most destinations seems to be planned with some thought.

    BUT… the planes’ interiors are looking really tired and gloomy!

  4. Foshisan1992 says:

    Last time, I’ve flighted by Jazeera airways to Jordan in 5 years ago. Now, we stopped flying by Jazeera Airways. BTW, Flighted to Malaysia by Eithad airways for first time by transit from Abu Dhabi.

  5. Foshisan1992 says:

    Last time, I’ve flighted by Jazeera airways to Jordan in 5 years ago. Now, we stopped flying by Jazeera Airways. BTW, I’ve Flighted to Malaysia by Eithad airways for first time by transit from Abu Dhabi.

  6. Burhan says:

    I think this project is cancelled or defunct; this was supposed to be the head office of Jazeera Airways, not the new terminal and PACE (the consultants mentioned) don’t list this as one of their projects.

    • Mark says:

      I found pout about this because PACE submitted it for awards and posted it on their linkedin account. Also you can just drive by the site and see the construction and large Jazeera signs all over it.

  7. BlarneyBob says:


  8. Teyrx says:

    Considering the number of planes that Jazeera owns, its too few for them having their very own terminal.

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